You guys are brilliant!

Way back in spring training, I polled you characters, and asked, "Where will the Tigers end up at the end of the season."
The unanimous answer?
AL Champs, but losers in the Series. Wow, did you call that one!

Disappointing, fer sure. But there's always next year. 28 years since the "Bless you boys" campaign. When we were kids, it seemed like the Tigers had never won a pennant or a series.

Do you realize that when the Tigers won the Series in 1968 it had been "only" 23 years since the previous victory?

Yes, we're in a slump.

But there's always next year. The good, the bad and the ugly, as I see it:


We'll have Martinez back, and it seems as though Garcia was a gift from on high. May he have a long, productive career as a Tiger. Also, it looks as though our pitching rotation has settled into place. If we re-sign Sanchez, I think we're ready for 2013.


We really have two needs in the off-season trading/signing market:

A relief pitcher and a shortstop.

Yes, it's time to say adios to the heart-attack under a cap (a.k.a. Malverde) and Peralta. We can do better.


Two folks that we must kiss goodbye: Quentin Berry and Jim Leyland.

Berry seemed too good to be true, and he was. A long-term veteran of the minor leagues, he was the find nobody expected. But as the season wore on, we found out why so many other organizations passed him up. He's really fast, but all his other talents don't make him a legitimate talent. With young talent like Garcia, and veteran experience like Martinez returning, there's no room on the roster.

Finally, Leyland must go. He brought the Tigers into the playoffs with the worst record of any playoff team, and they performed well above that in the post-season. But in the end, the team failed.

If the bus won't start, shoot the bus driver.

Many plaudits will be posted for Leyland over the next few weeks. He's not a bad guy. He's just a guy who's time has passed. He's been given many opportunities, and has not delivered the big enchilada. This is not Catholic Charities job program. Fire the man.

Give him a graceful out. Let him take a few weeks off, and then tell him to retire. 


  1. I pretty much agree. The only exception is Quentine Berry. He performed much better when I played daily, once they platooned him - his production slipped. When Leyland goes -- LAMONT GOES!!

  2. He performed better when YOU played daily!!??

    Seriously, the true talent shines through. A good performer puts the manager in a position where he MUST play daily.

    As down on Leyland as I am, he probably platooned him because he saw his inadequacies.

  3. (On behalf of Brother Domzal)
    apparently nobody feels the angst I do regarding this performance. just incredibly inept with the tools they had. think about this past year. up, down, up down. win 5 lose 6 out of the next 10. valverde was a heart attack with virtually every single performance. there was no ‘command’ he showed any of us during the season, as we witnessed these past 4 games by the giants relief staff. why, why with this guy did they not go out and seek a reliever, a veteran during the season? how they got there, well, we know how they got there. thank you white sox for a complete collapse.

    (Jim had more to say, but unfortunately, he exceeded the limits of the comment box.)

  4. I menat when HE played daily. The only baseball I play is from a recliner

  5. As for Leyland -- say what you wsnt he got us to the World Series flaws and all!!!

  6. The truest point is, we lost the World Series, talent and all. Arguably, the Tigers had the best talent in either league Opening Day. With the addition of Sanchez and Infante, they definitely had the best roster. Yet we tied for the 11th best record in baseball.

    Eleven out of 30 teams. Damn near median. I ask you, is this a median team that just played over its head postseason?

    I think not. This is a very talented team that rarely put together good pitching, hitting and fielding to win games.