We're an hour into Friday's rain delay, how long do we wait?

Commentators say the commissioner is meeting with team brass. But what really at stake is TV revenue: every commercial is millions.

Whaddya think?

American League MVP

OK so now what are we thinkng about the American league MVP. Cabrera? Verlander? Gonzales? Granderson? Ellsbury? Others?
It's fun to think about - especially now before the playoffs begin.

Looks like this might put a dent in sales at Burger King, Chuck

Former Tigers pitcher Denny McLain arrested, accused of stealing scrap metal

Former Detroit Tigers star pitcher Denny McLain is in trouble again, this time for allegedly stealing scrap metal from two landowners in Louisiana, authorities announced today.

McLain, who has served time for embezzlement and was once suspended from baseball for gambling, spent the night in jail after getting arrested Thursday in Port Huron, where he accidentally wound up on the bridge to Canada while trying to get to a Cracker Barrel.

Border officials said that McLain, who had become confused by all the construction, turned around without going to Canada. But he was stopped for inspection at the border, where officers discovered an outstanding arrest warrant for McLain from the St. Charles Parish Sheriff’s Office in Louisiana.

Louisiana authorities said McLain was wanted over a scrap metal debt. McLain, along with some workers from his company, American K.I.E. Steel and Commodities, had cut a deal with two landowners to buy their scrap metal, but never paid them, they said.

“Everything’s fine,” McLain told the Free Press today, just hours after he was released on a $10,000 cash surety bond.

McLain would not discuss his case, saying only that his lawyer had it right when he said that “there had been a mistake.”

McLain’s lawyer, Grand Rapids attorney Josh Fahlsing, said that his client had no idea that he was wanted in Louisiana, and that there’s been a “mistake” involving the Louisiana business negotiation.

“Mr. McLain had no knowledge of this warrant. He was an accidental fugitive,” Fahlsing said. “He was never on the run.”

Fahlsing would not discuss the details of the criminal allegations, saying only:

“We hope to get this matter cleared up with the authorities in Louisiana as soon possible. I think he’s looking forward to getting this matter cleared up.”

An extradition hearing has been scheduled for Oct. 4 in Port Huron.

Meanwhile, McLain’s wife, Sharon, isn’t taking the news in stride.

“I’m just about at the end,” Sharon Mclain told the Free Press today, sounding exasperated.

Asked whether she was surprised about the arrest warrant, she said: “Oh yes, to say the least.”

Sharon McLain said Denny McLain called to tell her about his arrest, but she did not go to Port Huron to help him, and said she has no plans to travel to Louisiana with him if he's extradited.

According to Capt. Patrick Yoes of the St. Charles Parish Sheriff’s Office, an arrest warrant was issued for McClain on Aug. 26.

According to Yoes, McLain, along with workers for his company, American K.I.E. Steel and Commodities, approached two landowners in the Bayou Gauche area offering to buy some scrap metal they had on their property. The agreement, he said, was that once the scrap metal was weighed at a salvage yard, the owners would be paid a specific amount per pound.

With the exception of a deposit demanded in advance by one of the landowners, no money was ever paid for the scrap metal, Yoes said. Investigators with the St. Charles Parish District Attorney’s office “had repeated conversations with Mr. McLain,” but nothing ever happened so an arrest warrant was issued, he said.

Yoes said he does not know how much scrap metal was involved, or its exact worth– only that it was worth more than $1,500.

This is not the first run-in with the law for McLain, who in 1968 helped the Tigers win a world championship by posting a 31-6 record and 1.96 ERA, and later won the Cy Young Award.

In 1996, McLain and his business partner were convicted of embezzling $2.5 million from a pension fund and then laundering it. McLain was sentenced to eight years in prison and was ordered to pay $2.5 million in restitution to the fund.

In 1970, McLain was suspended by then-baseball commissioner Bowie Kuhn for alleged gambling. Later, he was fired as general manager of a minor league team for running up its debt; he was in bankruptcy court three times; he pleaded guilty in 1985 to possession of cocaine.

In 1992, he lost his daughter, Kristin McLain-Sutherland, in a fiery traffic accident.

Attorney Christopher Andreoff, who had represented McLain in the pension fund criminal case, was surprised and saddened when he learned about McLain’s arrest.

He told the Free Press that he had not heard from McLain or anyone in McLain's family. The last time he heard from McLain was a few years ago, when McLain telephoned to tell him he was looking for work, possibly in radio.

“I wish him all the best,” Andreoff said. “I feel very bad.”

Leyland always thinking ahead

Cabrera was observed today taking grounders at THIRD. The speculatiuon is that in the National League parks, where there is no DH, Miggy plays third and Martinez is at first so we don't lose their bats. Eat 'em up Tigers!!

Who makes the Final 25 cut?

What a tough job Jim and dave have paring down the team back down to 25. Health concerns? Guillen? Albequrere? Needs? Back up catcher: Santos? Kelly? Inge? Do we need a fifth starter? What do you do with Penny? What about marginal pitchers Purcey? Below? What about Andy Dirks?
What say Ye?

Who is Tiger MVP

OK Who is our MVP? That is a tough question. Many of the boys could get a vote. Verlander? Valverde's 46 saves? Cabrera? Martinez? Avilla - he works so hard? Action Jackson? Peralta? Betemit? Lister? Young?(last three have not been here long enough, but they were valuable additions.) Everyone had a role with this team - even my boy Inge! Where would we be without Benoit? Boesch? Don Kelly? and so on.
The true MVP in my book is Jim Leyland, who made all of the decisions as to when to play the guys and where. Except he is not eligible. So what do you think??

Cry Baby Jim

Watching Leyland during his post game interview was a classic last night. He continued to be pretty stoic, He did enjoy that BIG CIGAR. He has been very calm, throughout this last couple of weeks. He never talks, but mutters and many folks try to imitate his style (I am doing it now). Last Night (or just 5 hours ago) He got choked up when the interviewer asked him about the fans in Detroit. He couldn't say enough about fan support. We are all in this together. Yes athletes and teams make lots of money from sponsors, etc., but the main support comes from fans attending games and buying concessions. Comerica sent an attendance record this year. We fans love our Tigers!!
Eat "em up Tigers

While We're Waiting for the Tigers to Clinch...

Check out Frank Deford's thoughts on the general structure of baseball's schedule which was aired on NPR a few weeks ago.


Even though I'm old-fashioned, and usually abhor change, I think I like many of these ideas.

Mea Culpa, Dombrowski and Leyland

For a few years I have been critical of Jim Leyland and Dave Dombrowski (even spelled Dave's name wrong on purpose). With the addition of Betemit (even though Inge is still MY Tiger), Delmon Young,and (especially) Doug Lister - Dombrowski looks like a magician. Cudos!! And the moves Leyland made yeaterday and has been making lately have been brilliant, Got to give those two men credit. When the Tigers finally clinch will Leyland smile? Watchioing him on those post game interviews you would think he lost 12 in a row, instead of winning.
GO TIGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Cabrera -- champ or chump

Magic number down to 6.
Thereis no denying what a phenomenal season Miggy is having at the plate. He is lots of people's favorite Tiger and, looking at his stats, there are many good reasons why.
I am still troubles by the incident in spring training with the drinking, having open alcohol in the car, and his disrespect of the police. I maintain that if it had been me, I would have been hauled off to the pokey, no questions asked. Miggy got star treatment, back then. Because of his great season all seems to be forgiven, but is it. Remember in 2006 when he and his wife got into an alcohol-related fight. Who am I to judge?

another correction

Cleveland beat Chicago
Magic number is now 7777777777777777777777777777777777


MAGIC NUMBER IS 8!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

go tigers

MAGIC NUMBER IS 9!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tickets for potential 2011 postseason games go on sale Monday, Sept. 12

From the Tigers' PR Department...


For Individual Tickets to ALDS Home Games call 866-66-Tiger or visit Tigers.com

DETROIT – Individual game tickets for potential 2011 American League Division Series home games at Comerica Park will go on sale Monday, September 12, 2011 at 10:00 a.m.

Tickets will ONLY be available by calling 866-66-TIGER or visiting www.tigers.com. Tickets will not be available at the Comerica Park box office. There is a limit of six tickets per customer, per game.

For ticket prices and dates for potential Division Series home games at Comerica Park visit tigers.com/postseason.

Fans who wish to guarantee the opportunity to purchase tickets for all potential 2011 postseason games at Comerica Park, including potential World Series games, can do so by placing a deposit on 2012 Tigers full season tickets. Contact a Tigers ticket sales representative at (313) 471-BALL (2255) or visit tigers.com for more information.

Yankees or Red Sox? Which would you choose for the Tigers?

I'm thinking that an 8 1/2-game lead with 19 to play is pretty safe. So Leyland can start arranging his rotation. (And also start working on that "Sorry, Brad, we won't need you in the postseason... or ever again, actually" speech).

First game of the A.L. playoffs is set for Friday, Sept. 30. We already know the Tigers will play either the Yankees or Red Sox because teams from the same division cannot play each other in the first round.

Unless the Tigers stay hot and finish with the best record in the A.L. (highly unlikely), they will either: Travel to play the A.L. East champion if they finish with a worse record than the Rangers -or- Host the wildcard team if they finish with a better record than the Rangers (they're both 81-62 as I write this).

Yankees or Red Sox? Which team would you rather see the Tigers play? Why?

Mister Fister is a keeper

Can you think of a better trade. Fister and Pauley (still needs to show his worth) for Wells and Furbush. As exciting as picking up Doyle Alexander in 1987. Fister was masterful today - his personal high - 13 strikeouts. 7 1/2 game lead over Cleveland. Can anybody get me playoff tickets??

Kind of feel Stuffed?

It's like when you go over your favorite cooking-friends house for dinner, they spread an enormous feast for you, and just when you think you couldn't stuff in another bite, the host says, "Well, you must try this special desert I made just for you!" How could you say "NO?"

Well, when you score 18 runs, a lack of pitching doesn't really matter...but Sherzer did look pretty good, last night, didn't he?

Allright, I'm caving in to giddiness.