What a season!

(Hold your nose when you say that!)

So, A.L. Fedor, we are waiting to hear from you on your thoughts...

Leyland has got to go

Today's Free Press has already quoted Jim Leyland with major chnages to 2009's lineup. Leyland says that Inge will be the starting 3rd baseman and Guileen will be the starting leftfielder. After Pudge was traded, Leyland announced that Inge would be the starting catcher. Is Leylnad making good judgements or just guessing. I do think Inge is better suited for 3rd than catcher, but Guillen in left? didn't we try that in April? I am not sure where Leyland is coming from - if he isn't sure keep your mouth shut until you know. I have lost confidence in him. I did hear that Chuck Hernandez has been fired -now there is a step in the right direction.

All Time Tiger Team?

Well guys, let's focus on the positive. Who were the greatest Tigers of all time?

Saturday at 2 p.m. eastern, WGN will repeat it's All Access All Time All Chicago http://baseball.wgn.com/pages/home_c

It was great fun, with Dan Patrick hosting writers, historians and the governor arguing over the great Cubs and Sox, and the finer points, such as whether Ernie Banks was the greatest shortstop or the greatest first baseman.

Best line of the show from one of the sportswriters "When I managed Ernie in Stratomatic Baseball, I always put him at short, cause what shortstop can hit like that?"

Now, you know where I'm going with this, Tiger fans. We only have half as many teams, but it's probably been twice as good as both Chicago teams put together. It's probably been done before, but start making out your lineup cards for the Greatest All Time Tiger team. (If it has been done, show me, or show me that it's been done lately.)

I'm thinking we should change Patrick's rules a bit. He says three outfielders at any position. I say let's lock them into their normal playing slot. (But does anybody know which position Ty Cobb played?) Go ahead, argue with me, you know I love a good baseball argument.

On the other hand, he says pick a staff of five pitchers, four starters and one closer. That shuts out a set up man, but hey, you gotta draw the line somewhere. That's fine, but maybe if you were really creating a pitching staff, you have to have at least one leftie.

So start thinking, crack those old record books if you must. Of course, the tough part is comparing generations. In my book, Ty Cobb must be on the team, but he only hit 118 home runs in his 24 years!

Let the discussions begin, and we'll take an "official" poll during or after the series.

Todd Jones retires

We certainly had our ups and downs with Jonesy over the years. "Roller coater" is certainly appropriate. I am glad he has decided to retire - his time was up. Renteria should be next. The there can be some discussion about Sheffield, but with his vanity and his quest for 500 home runs he will be back. My other question of retiring is Jim Leyland. His leadership this year has been suspect. Bugs that he should have worked out in spring trining were being worked on during April and May -- such as what position Cabrera should play and the same thing about Guillen. Granderson's early injury complicated things. And then they traded Pudge for Fransworth (another goner). Lots and lots of questions -- is Leyland up for it???

Let's Plan for Spring!

And one of the things we can do is some spring cleaning.

You guys, primarily Tom, Bill and Pio, have made this fun, even when the Tigers were at there worst. Let's set about getting more people involved next year. If you want to invite them, go right ahead. Bill, you are one of the best networkers I know: spread the news.

Second, I think this is the most fun when we have new stuff to talk about (unfortunately we can't rely on the Tigers for good news.)

So what if we plan a group outing to spring training? Shall we just pick a date and shoot for it?

Now here's an out-of the box idea: what if we could get enough people to actually play a game of softball? Wouldn't that be fun!!??

What else can we do to stir up interest?

Dontrelle Willis, Freddy Garcia set to join the rotation

Dontrelle Willis, Freddy Garcia set to join the rotation
Dontrelle Willis is a happy man.
The left-hander learned from Tigers manager Jim Leyland on Tuesday that he will start Monday night in Texas.
"This is a lot of hard work paying off," said Willis, who spent 2 1/2 months in the minors to regain his control and form. "So I'm real excited, and I'm eager to go out there and have some fun."
Two nights after Willis starts, right-hander Freddy Garcia will get his first start for the Tigers against Texas.
Like Willis, Garcia is joyful.
"When I started doing rehab last year (from shoulder surgery), I didn't think I would be able to come back because I couldn't move my arm," he said. "I've been working very hard to get back -- a lot of hard work."
Willis and Garcia are on a countdown to starts that nobody could be sure would happen.
Leyland was asked Tuesday what told him that the pitchers were ready to pitch in the major leagues. "They told me they were ready when I talked to them today," he replied.
Willis said he would aim to "continue to do what I've been doing."
Willis, who has World Series experience and a 20-win season, was asked what kept him going in this season's stint in the minors.
"God. I'm still thankful. I was always thankful for my job, regardless of being in A-ball or Triple-A," he said. "I play for my teammates, my family, the city I represent, and my being an African-American baseball player. With all those things, it's hard to get down and give up."

Here's another Tiger Stadium photo from my archives. That's my cousin Jim Diehl in the lower-deck bleachers getting an autograph from Oriole hurler Jim Palmer. April 22, 1977.

MVP Chrysler

OK this car has no Tiger connection but Enos Slaughter once owned it. For more old cars, including some of Detroit's finest, visit http://picasaweb.google.com/Thomas.hagerty/LaborDayCarShow2008#