Greetings from Lakeland!

                                     Detroit v. Toronto. Joker Marchant Stadium. Feb. 23, 2013

Greetings from sunny Lakeland, Florida! Spring training started more than a week ago and I just now realized I have failed to post any photos on At the Corner. I'll try to post regularly. Meanwhile you can see a selection of my spring training photos at

Check daily for updates.

Posers as Posters...Grr...

Over the last few weeks it seems we've had a few interlopers crash our little party; people who really are not fans of the Tigers or our little corner of the blogosphere.

They do this by posting supposedly complimentary comments, and links to their own websites.

I've had a few bumps in my own road lately, and have not been as vigilant in policing as I should, so I apologize if anybody's computer has been infected or hacked.

My advice: if somebody posts something that has nothing to do with our favorite baseball team, and urges you to another web site, ignore it, perhaps let me know and I'll strike it from the record.

Finally, (and this has nothing to do with Tigers' baseball) if you are a gardener, you might check out my new blog Grow This...Not That    

It's written from my Texas garden, but most of it will apply to Traverse City or suburban Detroit or Reston Va. ...eventually.

Who is your outfield?

OK Hunter in right, Jackson in Center.
Left for Dirks, Boesch, Garcia, Berry, Castellano, some spring training sensation?
What say ye?