Blockbuster trade??

Tigers got the 5th starter that they hope will keep us on top. With Seattle not in out division, I do not know much about either Fister or Pauley, but they have to help. Early in the season I liked Furbush, but he has faded - I still believe he is a great prospect. Casper Wells was on a team with a crowded outfield - has to be a good move for both teams.
What say Ye?

Did You hear that on "Baseball Tonight?"

Sunday morning, "Baseball Tonight" (I know, sounds silly, Baseball Tonight in the morning. Blame them) reported a rumor about the Tigers acquiring James Shields.

To sleep, perchance to dream...

Great Article

This article is appropriate for the start of the weekend series with the White Sox. Deadspin has an article titled: The 100 Worst Baseball Players of All-Time. It is hilarious, but yet at the same time so true. In honor of Ozzie Guillen, here is his description. By the way, the article can be found at:

9. Ozzie Guillen, 1985-2000 (White Sox/Braves/Rays/Orioles)
Ozzie Guillen, like many managers, was a bad baseball player. His on base percentage in 15 seasons was .286. His slugging percentage was .238. But he won a Gold Glove, you say. And a Rookie of the Year award! He was a three-time All Star! And he stole a lot of bases! Actually, Guillen was caught on almost 40 percent of his attempts. And after his last All Star appearance at age 27 (for a season in which he had a .284 on-base percentage) he hung around for nine more years, doing nothing in particular with his glove and less with with his bat.


First Place at the All Star break

Wdell somehow we are in first place at the break, but don't get too comfortable. The second half promises to be a roller coaster ride. Biggest concerns has to bde Inge, Rayburn, and Maggs. Inge is my Tiger, but he is not living up to his potential. Not sure why Leyland is sticking with Rayburn so long. And they are stuck with Maggs $10 million contract. But there are lots of bright spots - so no need to panic. Once Rick Knapp was fired many folks were screaming for the release of McClendon. But we do have four of the American League's top ten hitters on our team, with Avilla not far behind. What a joy Avilla has been! Then there is the pitching - there is enough there for a separate blog. You can never be too rich in pitching. Did the Cincinattie Reds really start Dontrelle Willis yesterday?
What changes will Dombrowski make before the trading deadline to make the playoffs and try to save his job and Leyland's. Stay tuned for a fun ride.

Ernie - The Play

Do yourself a favor, if you live in the metropolitan Detroit area and go see Mitch Albom's play, Ernie. You will not be disappointed! It is a one act summary of Ernie's life. I was mesmerized for almost 2 hours. Lots of great one liners, I wish I had taken notes. And who was sitting three people away from me? Paul Carey! What a treat that was to watch his reactions. In case someone reading this migtht be able to go I won't go into details so that I don't ruin it for them. Just go!