MOre about Cabrera

Did you know that Miggy just received a $200,000 bonus per his contract because he finished fourth in the voting for MVP. Yet another example of his individualism as oppossed to being a team player. I do admit that one of my biases is I have a hard time separating the individual from the ball player. Yes, he is a potential Hall of Famer, but I have a ard time getting excited because of his personal decisions at the end of the season.

A baseball fan's briefcase

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Cabrera to Boston?

Some of the local sports shows this morning had the latest rumor that Miguel Cabrera could be headed to the Red Sox, and that Boston is interested. Makes you wonder how many other problems dear Miggy caused in the club house that never hit the press. If this happens who plays first? Bouie are you still in shape?

So how do we rebuild the Tigers?

The first question, I guess is, do they need rebuilding, or just a little tweaking? They were close this year, just kind of went into a slumber in the last month.

Is Ordonez hot streak the last week or two at the end of the season a reason to keep him? It would be expensive to dump him, but might be more expensive to keep him. (I, for one, am a lousy manager. I had my staff come to me once and tell me I had to fire one of their coworkers. "She has really goofed anything up," was my defense of her. "She takes up oxygen." they said. If the situation with Mags is that his negativity is polluting the team, he's got to go. (My little bundle of joy was gone the next day, BTW.)

We might get something good for Cabrera. He's young, very talented. He just has a very bad work ethic if partying down with his pals the night before a big game, and beating up his wife that morning are his ideas of game prep.

I think talk of trading Granderson is foolish. You don't sell when your stock is down. He just had a bad year. He's a fine man, by all means keep him. The same with Verlander and Porcello.

So what's the strategy boys? Build a pitching staff? Go out and buy more bats? Just hunker down and hope things improve in 2010?

Our MVP Most Valuable Poster 2009 - Piotrowski

Not only is he one of our few actual remaining residents of the Detroit area, and a season ticket holder, Chuck is always ready to provide a thoughtful comment, start a discussion or provoke a thought.

Chuck was one of the finest barkeeps I've ever had the pleasure of chilling my mug (I mean that in only the best way) and I just wish I could patronize his Burger establishment. I mean hey, if it's good enough for Denny McLain...

(That's Chuck on the right, Willie Horton on the left.)

Tigers to Trade Jackson, Granderson?

Today's Free Press says the Tigers contemplate trading Curtis Granderson and Edwin Jackson.
Sounds bad to me but I suppose it would depend on who we could get for them.
What say you?

Tigers announce 2010 Spring Training schedule

DETROIT – The Detroit Tigers today announced the club’s exhibition game schedule for 2010 Spring Training in Lakeland, Fla.

Next spring will mark the Tigers 74th season at “TigerTown” in Lakeland, extending the longest-standing relationship between a major league team and a current Spring Training host city. The 2010 spring season marks the club’s 45th consecutive season of exhibition play at Joker Marchant Stadium.

The Tigers will begin the exhibition schedule on Tuesday, March 2 as the club battles Florida Southern College in the annual matchup against the Moccasins. The club opens the home portion of the Grapefruit League schedule against the Toronto Blue Jays at Joker Marchant Stadium on Thursday, March 4.

The schedule is highlighted by visits from the World Series Champion New York Yankees on March 10, March 13 and March 27. The schedule also features two visits from the National League Champion Philadelphia Phillies on March 12 and March 20.

Tickets for the 2010 spring exhibition season will be priced at two separate levels. The first set is for premium games, which include all games against the Atlanta Braves and New York Yankees and all Friday, Saturday and Sunday games. The second price level is for the remainder of the schedule. Premium game ticket prices range from $11-22, while the ticket prices for the remainder of games range from $8-19.

Full season ticket packages for the 2010 Tigers Spring Training exhibition season are on sale now at the Joker Marchant Stadium ticket office, via phone at (863) 686-8075 or by visiting Fans may also now purchase partial season ticket plans of five-or-more games by calling (863) 686-8075. Individual game tickets go on sale beginning at 10 a.m. on Saturday, Jan. 9, and can be ordered by visiting the ticket office at Joker Marchant Stadium, calling 866-66-TIGER or visiting For additional ticket information and special group pricing, call the Lakeland office at 863-686-8075.


Day, Date/Opponent (Site)/Time
Tues. March 2 Florida Southern College @ Lakeland 1:05
Wed. March 3 Toronto @ Dunedin 1:05
Thur. March 4 Toronto @ Lakeland 1:05
Fri. March 5 Houston @ Lakeland 1:05
Sat. March 6 Baltimore @ Lakeland 1:05
Sun. March 7 Toronto @ Dunedin 1:05
Mon. March 8 Atlanta @ Lakeland 1:05
Tues. March 9 Washington @ Viera 1:05
Wed. March 10 New York Yankees @ Lakeland 1:05
Thur. March 11 Philadelphia @ Clearwater 1:05
Fri. March 12 Philadelphia (SS) @ Lakeland 1:05
Sat. March 13 New York Yankees (SS) @ Lakeland 1:05
New York Mets (SS) @ Port St. Lucie 1:10
Sun. March 14 Tampa Bay @ Lakeland 1:05*
Mon. March 15 Toronto @ Lakeland 1:05
Tues. March 16 Philadelphia @ Clearwater 1:05
Wed. March 17 Pittsburgh @ Bradenton 1:05
Thur. March 18 Houston @ Lakeland 1:05
Fri. March 19 New York Yankees (SS) @ Tampa TBD
Fri. March 19 Atlanta (SS) @ Disney World 6:05
Sat. March 20 Philadelphia @ Lakeland 1:05
Sun. March 21 New York Yankees @ Tampa TBD
Mon. March 22 Toronto @ Dunedin 1:05
Tue. March 23 Washington @ Lakeland 6:05
Wed. March 24 - - - Open Date - - -
Thur. March 25 Toronto (SS) @ Lakeland 1:05
Thur. March 25 Washington (SS) @ Viera 7:05
Fri. March 26 Atlanta @ Disney World 1:05
Sat. March 27 New York Yankees @ Lakeland 1:05
Sun. March 28 New York Yankees @ Tampa TBD
Mon. March 29 Toronto @ Dunedin 1:05
Tue. March 30 Baltimore @ Sarasota 1:05
Wed. March 31 Pittsburgh @ Lakeland 1:05
Thur. April 1 Atlanta (SS) @ Lakeland 1:05
Houston (SS) @ Kissimmee 1:05
Fri. April 2 Milwaukee @ Milwaukee 8:10
Sat. April 3 Milwaukee @ Milwaukee 2:10

All time is Eastern (Detroit) Time
*Daylight Savings Time begins

Hot Stove League Begins

Ok the World Series is over so let's start desigining next year's team. One thing the announcers talked about on the broadcast last night was that they don't think Matsui (even though he won MVP) will be back next year. Do we look at someone like him or are we happy with Rayburn? What about DH? Where does Thames fit in? HIs production sure tapered off. What will our starting rotation look like?

Yeah, I'm back.

I'll admit it, I was ticked off. (As I'm sure you guys were.) But I like chatting with you guys. I might not post as often as I did last summer, and I don't have any ideas for polls or long-term discussions like the All Time Greatest Tigers, like we did last season, but you'll see me here now and then. (If you have any ideas, just shoot them to me. I think Doctor Peek has a brilliant idea for a "Greatest Season." We'll get that up before Opening Day.

Why don't the Tigers Fire Leyland?

"If the bus won't start, shoot the bus driver," said Joe Falls in one of his great columns that made me want to be a newspaper guy years ago. I think that's one simple answer.

Did Leyland have to make sure Cabrera went to bed on time instead of going out drinking without Garcia on Friday night after the game? Did he fail to get the big hits? I'm not even sure it's a big league manager's job to motivate; these are millionaires before they ever swing a bat.

Here's a thought: maybe the Tigers' current administration actually believes in honoring their employees for longstanding service (something rare in business today.) The other day I bought my 30 year-old daughter (who is a big Tiger fan) a birthday present. (No, a night with Rick Porcello wasn't available.) I bought her a 1979 Tiger Yearbook.
I was stunned by how many of the guys on that team or involved in the organization are still with them.
  • Leyland was manager of the Evansville Tripletts (boy does he look funny with "long" hair and no cigarette.)
  • Gates Brown was the hitting instructor: today I understand he still works for the Tigers as a kind of guest relations guy. My brother's company has a suite, and he said he is always at the games, signing autographs and telling kids stories. Willie Horton is still involved as well, isn't he?
  • Jim Campbell was congratulating Al Kaline for his induction in the Michigan Sports Hall of Fame, and Kaline was broadcasting with old Tiger third baseman George Kell.
  • Of course, it's not a perfect world. Alan Trammel had his shot at managing the Tigers, but now he's a bench coach in Chicago. Would it be impossible for him to come back to Detroit someday?

Trivia question - Who was "Boots Day?"

Interesting note: Kirk Gibson didn't even rate a color picture or a write-up, but Sheldon Burnside and Mark Wagner did.