Hot Stove League Begins

Ok the World Series is over so let's start desigining next year's team. One thing the announcers talked about on the broadcast last night was that they don't think Matsui (even though he won MVP) will be back next year. Do we look at someone like him or are we happy with Rayburn? What about DH? Where does Thames fit in? HIs production sure tapered off. What will our starting rotation look like?


  1. Matsui is 35. Unless we can sign him to an inexpensive one-year deal let him go elsewhere. Let Rodney and Polance walk as free agents. Make Guillen the DH. Fire Leyland if the team starts slowly.

  2. It takes a very complex analysis of age, salary, contract status, et. to figure out where to go from here. IMHO, the only "untouchable" is Porcello and maybe Verlander.
    Does anybody recall when they traded away Jergens and Miller, I said "You just can't have enough good young arms?"
    Can we get ANYTHING for Miggy? Big contract, no doubt, Loaded with talent, but does h have a head to go with it?
    Wouldn't we like to have made a deal like the Phillies did to pick up Lee? What did they give up for him, anyway?

  3. Just read my E-edition (I still don't like it) of Saturdays freep. The Tigers have released Marcus Thames from their 40 man roster, saying their is no room for him in their outfield. He becomes a free agent, had he stayed with Tigs he would have been available for arbitration.
    So Guillen becomes full time DH - swinging from both sides of the plate. He looked pathetic in leftfield anyways.
    Thames was a class act, but it was time for him to go.

  4. Have everyone forgotten that only three weeks ago Leyland assured Guillen that he will be the Tigers' regular leftfielder in 2010?? God help us.