Tigers to Trade Jackson, Granderson?

Today's Free Press says the Tigers contemplate trading Curtis Granderson and Edwin Jackson.
Sounds bad to me but I suppose it would depend on who we could get for them.
What say you?


  1. well nobody is indispensable, but I would say that Granderson is THE franchise player - yes his production fell off this year, but still he is the man. O f course as you said it would depend on who they get. Dumbrowski's decisions scare me.

    How about Brookens as fist base coach? He was always a class act.

  2. Yes I'm happy to see a former Tiger (Brookens) get the job instead of another one of Leyland's ex-Pirate buddies. I think Granderson wil lbounce back with a big year in 2010. I would not trade Verlabder or Porcello. Anyone else, yes--for the right price.

  3. I said a few days ago that only Verlander or Porcello are untouchable. I just expanded my list to include Granderson. He's just too classy, as well as a super-performer. He's the kind of guy the Tiger's should look to build a lifetime relationship with. Just because he had one bad year isn't a good reason to dump him. You don't "sell low to buy high," the objective is the opposite.

  4. I agree, Gregg. Granderson is not only an excellent player but also a great person. I've seen him sign autographs and talk to fans here in Lakeland long after other players have left the field. Brandon Inge does the same thing.