Quizzical Quote in the Freep This morning...

Leyland says the darndest things.

After getting shellacked by the Twins last night the Freep says :

"Leyland complimented Gonzalez for “saving the bullpen.” ... The one-sided loss meant a night off for lefties Phil Coke and Brad Thomas."

Geez, I'm glad Gonzales saved us from a 4-1 victory!

Ususally this quote comes out something like "We all knew he didn't have his best stuff tonight. It happens to every pitcher. But sometimes you just gut it out and put in the innings. That's what a workhorse does..."

Sweet Stuff in this week's SI

It's not about the Tigers, and it's not about major leaguers. It's not even news, but read this piece in Sports Illustrated about a 1971 central Illinois high school baseball team (http://sportsillustrated.cnn.com/vault/article/magazine/MAG1171199/index.htm)this week. It reads with the easy summertime charm of a tall glass of Sweet Tea.


Tigers go 8-1 in their home stand

Kind of exciting how the Tigers beat up on their three National League opponents. It was almost a complete sweep as the Tigs tried to mount another 9th inning comeback yesterday. I am enjoying the team and the fact that management keeps making changes - like the recent Porcello move to strengthen the team. Looking forward to seeing you in October

Porcello Optioned to Toldedo

This just in from AP. Probably a wise move, given recent performance. We all hope he'll be back with the team and in form for the pennant drive.

The Detroit Tigers have optioned struggling right-hander Rick Porcello(notes) to Triple-A Toledo.

The Tigers announced the move Sunday.

After going 14-9 as a 20-year-old rookie last year, Porcello is 4-7 with a 6.14 ERA this season.

The Tigers did not immediately announce who would replace Porcello on the roster or in the rotation. Because of an off-day, Detroit wouldn’t need a fifth starter until June 29.

One possibility is Enrique Gonzalez(notes), who was recently called up to pitch long relief and had gone 4-5 in 11 starts in Triple-A before reaching the majors.

Next Tiger manager

As the Arizona Diamondbacks come to town, I wonder: "Is their bench coach (Kirk Gibson), the Tiger manager of the future? Is he in training in Arizona? Not that Leyland is leaving soon, but I do wonder. Tigers are leading Dontrelle 4-1 as I type this -- hope we canplay more games against the wonderful National League. Any thoughts from those of you wiser than me about future managers of the Tigers? See you in October.

Tigers/Rangers Connection?

It's not quite the "joined at the hip" relationship the Yankees had with Kansas City in the '50s and '60s, but it's interesting to note: Michael Young passed Pudge Rodriguez as the all-time hit leader for the Texas Rangers hit leader, and four of the next seven on the list have some direct connection to the Bengals.
The list includes Juan Gonzales, Rueben Sierra, Jim Sundberg and Buddy Bell (Tiger manager of long ago.)
#7 on the list is Rusty Greer. One of my sweetest memories of being a father to three daughters who really couldn't care much about baseball was the day my little girl looked seriously into my eyes and said, "Daddy, why doesn't he change his name?


"Crusty Rear."

Almost as good as the day they volunteered to sit in the rightfield stands to get a better look at Gabe "The Babe" Kapler.

In the Nick of time

In yesterday's draft the Tigers used their top selection on Nick Castellanos (center above at last year's East Coast Pro Showcase in Lakeland), a right-handed hitting high-school shortstop from Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. He's 6' 3", 190 pounds, and the Tigers see him moving to third base as a pro.

According to the Free Press, Castellanos has committed to the University of Miami, but the Tigers might have a hometown edge in trying to sign him: his mother is from Detroit, her family still lives there, and his father is a retired firefighter in Detroit.

Tigers committed to winning

What a week it was! Armando's perfect game. Dontrelle's release - he did pitch 6 innings today and got a hit (seems to love the National League), and then the Tigers released Adam Everett today. Look at how much the team has already changed this year. I believe our brain trust will keep working until they get it right. They are not standing pat. Sorry that we have slipped behind the Twins, but there is plenty of time left. We will get it right. Rookie of the month in both April and May - both Jackson and Boesch are pleasant additions. Starting pitching still a concern. Will be interesting to see Galaraga's next start. I am excited. and I will see you in October!

Galarraga robbed of perfect game

OK, gents. Can't believe someone hasn't already started the discussion, but let's get to it. Time to decide how much you believe in tradition and how much you believe in getting it right. Replay or no replay? And for the first time in history, should MLB step in, overrule an umpire (Jim Joyce) and award Armando Galarraga a perfect game? If so, does that open a huge can of worms? Does it matter that Joyce admitted he blew it? How do you justify overruling the call -- does it have to be the last out of a perfect game? Last out of a no-hitter? Or do you just hang your hat on the fact that Galarraga tossed the first 28-out perfect game in MLB history? No matter your opinion, Galarraga showed a lot of class last night. Kudos to him -- the Tigers should be proud of both his performance and his reaction to the controversy.