Tigers/Rangers Connection?

It's not quite the "joined at the hip" relationship the Yankees had with Kansas City in the '50s and '60s, but it's interesting to note: Michael Young passed Pudge Rodriguez as the all-time hit leader for the Texas Rangers hit leader, and four of the next seven on the list have some direct connection to the Bengals.
The list includes Juan Gonzales, Rueben Sierra, Jim Sundberg and Buddy Bell (Tiger manager of long ago.)
#7 on the list is Rusty Greer. One of my sweetest memories of being a father to three daughters who really couldn't care much about baseball was the day my little girl looked seriously into my eyes and said, "Daddy, why doesn't he change his name?


"Crusty Rear."

Almost as good as the day they volunteered to sit in the rightfield stands to get a better look at Gabe "The Babe" Kapler.


  1. Ruben Sierra: did anyone ever squander more talent?

  2. #5 on the Rangers' all-time hit list, getting 1,281 hits from '86-'92.