Tigers go 8-1 in their home stand

Kind of exciting how the Tigers beat up on their three National League opponents. It was almost a complete sweep as the Tigs tried to mount another 9th inning comeback yesterday. I am enjoying the team and the fact that management keeps making changes - like the recent Porcello move to strengthen the team. Looking forward to seeing you in October

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  1. Don't get too giddy. This is a team that has exactly one reliable starting pitcher. Two others have put together a few decent starts, and Valverde is doing well.

    But during the "hot streak" against what amounts to minor league teams, they remain in second, and the Sox haven't given up an inch of ground in third.

    Truth comes out when they play the "Twinkies", Sox, Yankees and Boston. Should a few position players get hurt, or have another fight with their wife (no names here) the season is lost.

    All that said, I remain a Tiger supporter. Go Get'em!