Tigers Acquire Josh Anderson to....?

get a really quality outfield in Triple A?

They bring in 26 year old Josh Anderson, said to be "speedy" for what purpose? Who gets to go down to Triple A? Who gets to spend more time on the bench?

As it is the Tigers have said they plan to take 12 pitchers north, with 10 regulars, a backup catcher and a backup infielder. That would leave room for Anderson or Thames. Or Clevlen. Or Raeburn or Larish or Hessman or Perez.

Too bad we can't have a quick poll: if you were manager, what would your 35-man roster be? (But you can comment below.)

So many decisions, so little time.

Anxiety Disorder

So Dontrelle is on the Injured list with an "anxiety disorder" - also on the list with the same disorder is Mike Illitch for wondering why he spent so much money for the dream of Willis being successful. Let him go. He is like yesterday's lunch - all gone.
Is Zumaya really onthe same list for playing Guitar Hero, being in a 4 wheel drive accident, etc.
Forget the excuses give me results.

Long pants vs "Flood Pants": Is this really all Selig has to do?

According to the Detroit News, MLB has issued a directive that players raise their pants so as to be certain not to get caught in their spikes. (Maglio, Miguel Cabrera and several other Tigers seem to be guilty here, while Inge, Granderson, and others wear them high and tight.

Doesn't Bud Selig have something else to do, like sort the socks in his laundry?

Maybe a pant-leg getting caught on a spike is a bit of hazard to the sartorially-challenged player, but isn't that a risk that the player takes? If the manager or owner are concerned, couldn't they point out the risk to their million dollar investment, and convince him it's not in his own best interest?

Does the Detroit News really need to waste space on this story?

Do I need to waste space on this story?

Adios, George

Tuesday, March 24, 2009
Tiger Hall of Famer George Kell dies
Detroit News staff and wires
George Kell, a Hall of Fame third baseman who outdueled Ted Williams for the 1949 American League batting title and became a longtime Tigers broadcaster, died Tuesday. He was 86.
Jackson's Funeral Home in Newport, Ark., confirmed the death but did not give a cause. The Baseball Hall of Fame said he died in his sleep at his home in Swifton, Ark.
Kell edged Williams for the 1949 batting crown, hitting .34291 while the Boston Red Sox great finished at .34276. Kell played 15 seasons in the AL, hitting more than .300 nine times and compiling a career average of .306. He was a 10-time All-Star.
Kell played from 1943-57 with the Philadelphia Athletics, Detroit Tigers, Boston Red Sox, Chicago White Sox and Baltimore Orioles. He batted more than .300 each year from 1946-53. He played for the Tigers during his batting duel with Williams.
After he retired, Kell broadcast Tigers games from 1959 to 1996. Longtime Tigers broadcaster Ernie Harwell and Kell became close friends while working together in TV and on radio.
"He had a very laid-back style," Harwell told WWJ-AM (950) on Tuesday. "He was easygoing and an expert on the game. He brought the field to the booth because he played and played well. He had a conversational style that people took to."
Kell was born on Aug. 23, 1922 in Swifton. He lived in the same house in Swifton from his birth to when it burned down in 2001, then was rebuilt on the same land.
Kell became a beloved Tigers television broadcaster. His TV broadcast partner from 1976-96 was another Tigers Hall of Famer, Al Kaline.
In addition to his .306 average, Kell also had 2,054 hits, 385 doubles and 870 RBI in 1,795 games.
Kell was inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame in 1983.
"There's no one who loved and respected the game more than George," Hall of Fame president Jeff Idelson wrote on the Hall's Web site. "Not only was he one of baseball's true legends, but he was a fan, too. He loved coming to Cooperstown and sharing in the camaraderie with his Hall of Fame family, and we will miss him."

Feasting on Tigers

Feasting On Tigers

The joys of watching Spring Training baseball. You have to remember that these games don't count, yet, you sit there in anguish, waiting on that bloop hit or anything to give you hope, only to have your heart ripped out.

The next day, your Savior, gives up four bombs in a row. I thought that Elias "Boom Boom" Sosa had left the building. The new Boom Boom is Brandon Lyon. Hell, I would hit somebody or something after two. Todd Jones would have cried in the locker room afterwards.

Remember, this is only Spring Training and the games don't count. Just keep repeating that phrase.

Ok, I guess that we will try it again on Thursday night. There is nothing like Spring Training baseball and watching the Senior Trot.

Dontrelle, we hardly knew ye

Adios, Dontrelle? A columnist in today's Lakeland paper says the Tigers will release Willis and eat his $22 million contract: "Willis cannot help this team. To keep him would create resentment in the clubhouse, get the Tigers off on the wrong foot and maybe end their season before it even starts."

MLB TV "Prime 9"

The show starts off promising that it's "sure to start arguments." Sounds like my kind of show (at least, if they're talking about oral arguments about baseball, not fisticuffs.)
The premise is selecting nine players who are eligible for the Hall of Fame, and yet are not in. (Nine because it's the perfect baseball number, nine innings, nine players on the field...) One of the quick clips at the opening is of our favorite shortstop at left.
Pete Rose, Eddie Cicotte and Shoeless Joe are not eligible for election to the hall under the current rules.
Without further ado (and just a bit of comment here and there:)

#9. Lee Smith

#8. Keith Hernandez

#7. Louis Tiant (who said McLain "stole the Cy Young from me in '68." Tiant had a better ERA, but pitched for the Indians, while McLain won 30 games for the Bengals. Still a little bitter, Louis?)

#6. Andre Dawson

#5. Tony Oliva

(WARNING - suspend your reading now if you'd like to give us the next four.)

#4. Dick Allen "I'll never know how good I could have been if I got the chance." Huh? What does he mean? The chance to be in the hall? That ain't gonna change your career, pal.

#3. Bert Blyleven (There you go, Peek.)

#2. Mark McGwire


#1. Ron Santo

Now, other than possibly disqualifying #2. for drug use, I have no issue with any of these guys. The commentator even noted with Oliva, Blyleven and Tiant that playing in smaller markets didn't help their chances. But does anyone disagree that Trams deserves to be there?

Fish hold Tigers hitless

For the first time in my life I saw a no-hitter (of a sort) yesterday. Three Marlins pitchers combined to blank the Tigers 2-0 at Joker Marchant Stadium. Detroit had only one regular (Polanco) in the starting lineup. The other still had WBC games or had the day off. Verlander started and looked good, yielding two hits in five scoreless innings. He struck out four and walked two. Juan Rincon and Scott Williamson pitched scoreless innings of relief for the Tigers. So far this spring Rincon has notallowed a hit in nine innings.
The Rights of Spring
Spring has finally arrived, for me anyways. I finally landed in the land of Haggerty. My plane landed at 11:30 in Orlando and knowing that I could not check into my place until 4, I made a Beeline to Lakeland to catch the Tigers and my hometown Nationals. I got a great seat as a walkup and a single. Close to the field, out of the sun. Dave Dombrowski and Al Avila were there for the entire game making notes and checking radar readings.
Nate Robertson pitched out of his mind and was not nibbling at the corners, finally. His hard slider was giving the lefties fits and his velocity overall was very good. He was popping the mitt pretty good.
A wrestling match could have actually broken out and it might have been more fun. There were big people on the field for both sides. Mike Hessman and Wily Mo (There Is A Lot Of Him) Pena are absolutely huge!!!
Casey Fein is going to be a big league pitcher, and it is not going to be long. He throws hard and has no fear, that is until someone hits one to Cape Canaveral and see if he can recover from that. It will be good to get the boys back from the WBC. They are really starting to crank things up for Venezula. Next week will tell the story.
Tom, where did our buffet place go? Its a flat lot now. I guess that we don't have to worry about getting run over by the senior crowd after the game for the early bird special.
Tomorrow is my birthday, so guess what I am going to do? I never get enough of it and this is the best time of year. Some things never change, the Nationals are going to be horrible again!!!

Ryan Perry continues to impress

Ryan Perry (above in August 2008 w/ Lakeland Flying Tigers) may pitcj himself into the Tiger bullpen. So far this spring he has allowed no runs in 5 2/3 innings: http://www.freep.com/article/20090317/SPORTS02/903170408/1050/Movement+on+Perry+s+two-seam+fastball+baffles+hitters

'Welcome back, my friends, to the show that never ends"

Today's Free Press says Joel Zumaya (above right) won't be ready for Opening Day. Looks like Brandon Lyon inherits the closer's job.

Dispensation Needed

Just wanted to ask each of you for a solution to our unique problem. As we have been fortunate enough to purchase tickets for Opening Day, and as having a Hot Dog on Opening Day is part of the ritual, and as Opening Day falls on Good Friday we have a problem. We contacted our personal chaplain, Fr. Ron Victor, and he has not responded. What is a mighty baseball fan to do? HELP!!

SABR offers free 2009 baseball guide

SABR is pleased to help baseball fans cut expenses this season by publishing and giving away the The Emerald Guide to Baseball 2009. Yes, we said "giving away." The guide, which fills the hole in the baseball record left by the 2006 demise of The Sporting News Baseball Guide, contains detailed statistics for every player at every level of the professional game, team histories, and up-to-date team contact information and schedules.Baseball fans anywhere in the world—both SABR members and non-members—can download the PDF version of the book free of charge from the SABR website at www.sabr.org.Edited by acclaimed baseball historians Gary Gillette and Pete Palmer, The Emerald Guide distills the 2008 season down to 586 fact-filled pages that contain the pitching, fielding, and hitting statistics for each player active in the major and minor leagues in 2008. As with the classic Sporting News Guides, the Emerald Guide also features team-by-team daily results, a directory of important contacts, a synopsis of the just-completed season, and much more. A bound version is available via print on demand at Lulu.com for $23.95. Every page in the bound edition is in the PDF.Why are we doing this? Well, part of SABR's mission is to disseminate the history and record of baseball, and that's exactly what we're doing. If you find this book valuable, please consider joining SABR if you aren't already a member. And feel free to send friends and family to www.sabr.org so they can get their free PDF of The Emerald Guide to Baseball 2009.

Rick Porcello

Rick Porcello started last night's game and hurled three scoreless inning against the Marlins. According to the Free Press, "Porcello allowed five hits but held the Marlins scoreless over three innings. His secret? He didn't walk a batter and kept the ball on the ground."

Take me out to the ballgame

OK so the Yankees bombed the Tigers yesterday, but the sun was hot, the drinks were cold and the Tigers had their third-largest spring training crowd ever.

Looks like Bonderman, Jackson and Porcello

will be 3, 4 and 5 starters according to our poll, but allow me to make a prediction. With Bonderman's recent soreness, and Porcello's outstanding showings, Porcello will zoom to the #3 spot. Restrict him to 90 pitches or so, lots of rest, but baby, it's time.

If Dontrelle can get his control, look for him to start, while Bonderman works it out. Having too many good starters is the least of our worries. I just wouldn't have young Porcello mess up his head throwing middle relief. Disagreements?

You guys are what make this blog fun!

Some blogs are just full of the head blogger's opinion. (Boring to read, boring to write, unless you have an ego the size of Montana.)

The other day I suggested we poll everybody on their favorite non-Detroit ballpark. You guys are incredible. Tom even provides photographic evidence of many of the parks he has visited.
(Too many pics to show you here, but it's an awesome display you can see at http://picasaweb.google.com/Thomas.hagerty/Ballparks.)

Once again, with the power vested in me by nobody as commissioner, I'm going to break this poll into at least two or three pieces. Existing major league parks, defunct major league parks, and minor league stadiums. Let me know if you have more, and I'll do the first poll over the weekend.

Existing Major League Parks

  • Ballpark at Arlington (Texas)

  • Camden Yards (Baltimore)

  • Fenway

  • The New Comiskey

  • Wrigley

  • Shea (I think the Mets are going to play there this year, right?)

  • Rogers Centre (Toronto)

  • Coors Field

  • Veterans Stadium, Philadelphia (still used?)

  • Bush Stadium (new St. Louis)

  • PNC Park Pittsburgh

  • Miller Park (Milwaukee)

  • Great American Ballpark (Cinci)

  • Kaufman Stadium (KC)

Any more?

Fantasy Baseball anyone?

Is anyone interested in playing in a fantasy baseball league for the up coming season? If I can get enough people that are interested I will start a league. If you are interested let me know and I will email you the information. Thank you and God bless!

Spring Fling

Saturday I saw the Tigers meet, greet and beat the Mets. Today I leave work at noon to see the Tigers play Florida Southern College (whose roster include Colin Kaline, grandson of Number Six). Living in Lakeland is tough but someone has to do it.