MLB TV "Prime 9"

The show starts off promising that it's "sure to start arguments." Sounds like my kind of show (at least, if they're talking about oral arguments about baseball, not fisticuffs.)
The premise is selecting nine players who are eligible for the Hall of Fame, and yet are not in. (Nine because it's the perfect baseball number, nine innings, nine players on the field...) One of the quick clips at the opening is of our favorite shortstop at left.
Pete Rose, Eddie Cicotte and Shoeless Joe are not eligible for election to the hall under the current rules.
Without further ado (and just a bit of comment here and there:)

#9. Lee Smith

#8. Keith Hernandez

#7. Louis Tiant (who said McLain "stole the Cy Young from me in '68." Tiant had a better ERA, but pitched for the Indians, while McLain won 30 games for the Bengals. Still a little bitter, Louis?)

#6. Andre Dawson

#5. Tony Oliva

(WARNING - suspend your reading now if you'd like to give us the next four.)

#4. Dick Allen "I'll never know how good I could have been if I got the chance." Huh? What does he mean? The chance to be in the hall? That ain't gonna change your career, pal.

#3. Bert Blyleven (There you go, Peek.)

#2. Mark McGwire


#1. Ron Santo

Now, other than possibly disqualifying #2. for drug use, I have no issue with any of these guys. The commentator even noted with Oliva, Blyleven and Tiant that playing in smaller markets didn't help their chances. But does anyone disagree that Trams deserves to be there?


  1. When I was in Boston this past summer I got to meet Tiant and to get his autograph. He was smoking a stogie and was the ost down to earth guy - it was fun!

  2. I'm not sure about Keith hernandez, but I have no problem w/ Trammell in the HOF. Did McGwire take anything that was illegal or banned at the time he played? If not then I say he too belongs in the Hall.

  3. Hey I love Dick "don't call me Richie" Allen. "The Wampum Walloper" is one of my favorite players. But does he deserve to be in the HOF? No. He had HOF talent but his attitude kept him from achieving his potential.