Feasting on Tigers

Feasting On Tigers

The joys of watching Spring Training baseball. You have to remember that these games don't count, yet, you sit there in anguish, waiting on that bloop hit or anything to give you hope, only to have your heart ripped out.

The next day, your Savior, gives up four bombs in a row. I thought that Elias "Boom Boom" Sosa had left the building. The new Boom Boom is Brandon Lyon. Hell, I would hit somebody or something after two. Todd Jones would have cried in the locker room afterwards.

Remember, this is only Spring Training and the games don't count. Just keep repeating that phrase.

Ok, I guess that we will try it again on Thursday night. There is nothing like Spring Training baseball and watching the Senior Trot.

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  1. I'm dying a thousand deaths every day I can't be there with you in Lakeland. Who's winning? So what? It's all about the atmosphere of "Hope springs eternal."