Dontrelle, we hardly knew ye

Adios, Dontrelle? A columnist in today's Lakeland paper says the Tigers will release Willis and eat his $22 million contract: "Willis cannot help this team. To keep him would create resentment in the clubhouse, get the Tigers off on the wrong foot and maybe end their season before it even starts."


  1. WOW - I guess all the reasons stated in your blog make great sense as to why they release Willis, but to eat 22million> I guess they have no choice. Since he never panned out makes you wonder why there scouts did not see this coming -- why they signed him or traded for him to begin with. Did the Marlins give us a great snow job or what? I say good riddance. Onward and upward to winning in 2009

  2. Given Dontrelle's spectacular failure in Detroit I can only assume the Marlins gazed into their crystal ball and saw no future for Willis. Knowing we wanted Cabrera, they probably made us take Willis and his fat contract to make the deal work.