You guys are what make this blog fun!

Some blogs are just full of the head blogger's opinion. (Boring to read, boring to write, unless you have an ego the size of Montana.)

The other day I suggested we poll everybody on their favorite non-Detroit ballpark. You guys are incredible. Tom even provides photographic evidence of many of the parks he has visited.
(Too many pics to show you here, but it's an awesome display you can see at

Once again, with the power vested in me by nobody as commissioner, I'm going to break this poll into at least two or three pieces. Existing major league parks, defunct major league parks, and minor league stadiums. Let me know if you have more, and I'll do the first poll over the weekend.

Existing Major League Parks

  • Ballpark at Arlington (Texas)

  • Camden Yards (Baltimore)

  • Fenway

  • The New Comiskey

  • Wrigley

  • Shea (I think the Mets are going to play there this year, right?)

  • Rogers Centre (Toronto)

  • Coors Field

  • Veterans Stadium, Philadelphia (still used?)

  • Bush Stadium (new St. Louis)

  • PNC Park Pittsburgh

  • Miller Park (Milwaukee)

  • Great American Ballpark (Cinci)

  • Kaufman Stadium (KC)

Any more?


  1. No the Mets will play in a new yard this year. Citi Field, I think. Last year was the final season for the dump known as Shea Stadium.

  2. Also Vets Stadium in Philly is no longer in use.

  3. Other existing parks include
    Dodger Stadium
    San Diego (Petco Field?)
    Oakland Coliseum
    Turner Field/Braves
    Metrodome in the Twin Cities
    Enron Field or whatever it's now called in Houston
    Nationals Stadium in DC
    Tropicana Dome in St Pete
    Florida Marlins
    New New Yankee Stadium

  4. Tom,

    Right, those are all existent, or soon to be used stadia, but I thought this poll would be "What was your favorite non-Detroit Major Leage ballpark to visit (that still is in operation)?

    In other words, you must have visited. I walked by Petco on my last visit to San Diego, but didn't go in. I can't vote for that one.

    I should know, since I watched the World Series last fall, but where do the Phillies call home?

    For my 2 cents, when we get to the "Dead Stadiums" category next week, I'm thinking of banning any votes for "1970's Donut Stadiums" like the Vet, Atlanta Fulton County, RFK, 3 Rivers, etc. What do you think, would "the people" cause an uprising? Maybe that's a whole 'nother poll.

  5. The Phillies play in Citizens Bank Park. When it comes time to nominate minor league (spring training?) ballparks, throw in the Yankees' spring home in Tampa. That place is pretty darned cool.

  6. We went to a game at Citizens Bank Park in Philly last year. It was July 4th against the Mets. It rained the whole hame - standing room only crowd. My 14 year old is a HUGE Philly fan. We had seats in the nosebleed section. I went to the ticket booth and asked about upgrading the guy l;aughed at me and said NO WAY. I went to a different ticket guy - he saw my son wearing a Phillies jersey and said he would see what he could do - half hour later he called us to the booth and we sat 10 ros off the field. Great park. Greg Luzinski was signing autographs - not too personable. Great bar connected to the stadium (McFadden's) but that is a story for another blog.