Long pants vs "Flood Pants": Is this really all Selig has to do?

According to the Detroit News, MLB has issued a directive that players raise their pants so as to be certain not to get caught in their spikes. (Maglio, Miguel Cabrera and several other Tigers seem to be guilty here, while Inge, Granderson, and others wear them high and tight.

Doesn't Bud Selig have something else to do, like sort the socks in his laundry?

Maybe a pant-leg getting caught on a spike is a bit of hazard to the sartorially-challenged player, but isn't that a risk that the player takes? If the manager or owner are concerned, couldn't they point out the risk to their million dollar investment, and convince him it's not in his own best interest?

Does the Detroit News really need to waste space on this story?

Do I need to waste space on this story?

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