So Many Memories and Flashbacks

Yesterday, a little bit of all of us that grew up in Detroit, died. Soupy Sales had nothing to do with baseball, and he left town in 1959, but I had lunch with Soupy a lot of days when I was growing up. 1959 was the year that I moved to 1st Grade at Our Lady of Victory, and there I was a noon, eating the same thing as Soupy, which most days was a hot dog.

Going thru YouTube last night and today, I laughed at all of the craziness and skits put on by Soupy. He was right there with Johnny Ginger, Poop Deck Paul, Captain Jolly, Jingles, Bwana Don, Sagebrush Shorty, Jerry Booth, and Milky the Clown, who scared the hell out of me.

I did have a softball connection with Soupy. In 1979, while playing for Uniroyal, in the Detroit Metro League, we played a charity game in East Detroit (at the time) against some local players and celebrities. The two celebrities of that day were Soupy Sales and Scatman Crothers from Chico and the Man. They were in our dugout and we roared the entire time. They were hilarious. Soupy never stopped smiling and joking and had no pretensions about him at all. What a day, and I will always remember. Part of my youth died yesterday, but it was great being a youth in Detroit. At the end of the game, I asked Soupy for one bit of advice, A Soupy Sez that would carry me forward. Soupy looked at me and said, "Bill, be true to your teeth and they won't be false to you". Rest in Peace Soupy. You had a great life!!!

Why is Leyland stiil the manager?

Just wondering if anyone else is wondering why Leyland is still managing the Tigs. I realize that they extended his contract earlier in the season. However, why didn't he have our team ready for post season play. Their collapse is his responsibility. True enough he doesn't play in the field or stand in the batter's box -- but he has to have the best team possible ready.; Some of his decisions mystify me. Never understood why Polanco had that day off and Santiago played in that last week. Well Polanco is getting lots of rest and so is Leyland and Dumbrowski.
Will next year be better?

Detroit Tigers All-Time 9

A cool twist on the polls that we held At The Corner earlier in the year. This one takes a player's best season and stacks it against others at the same position. If you vote strictly on the impact of that one season -- and do not consider a player's entire career -- it isn't as clear cut as you think. For instance: Is it possible that Al Kaline doesn't get a spot in the Tigers' outfield? Check it out for yourself:

That's all folks!

Yes, the season is over. I don't think any of us expected the Tigers to win the series, but we were all wrong in the poll. They never took the division flag.
Just like you all must be, I'm disappointed in Miguel's first half the season, Cabrerra's weekend fling, and tonight leaving the bases loaded. You just can't do that and win.
So I'm going to take a break from baseball. A break from ATC. Concentrate on real life. Finding a job.
Boy, that sounds adult. Not at all like the real me.
You guys all have my e-mail address if you want to reach me. I just won't be checking in here.

Maybe we'll get it going again next spring. I won't kill this site, you can post here for as long as blogspot will allow us to hang out free.

Merry Christmas.

Cabrera mess

Well what a mess. Instead of focusing on the biggest game of the year we are focusing on MIggy getting drunk with Freddy Garcia and then fighting with his wife. Alcohol levell.26 - wow. Why didn't Cabrera and the Tigers own up to it right away? The truth always comes out - now they are scrambling... WDIV says he also got drunk a month ago at the Townsend Hotel and police were called. Even though he is a helluva ball player what his his future now in Detroit? Are star athletes role models? Should he have played this weekend? he sure was non-productive.

Still, all things considered I am postive for tomorrow. GO TIGERS.

Chuck was right all along, it comes down to this...

This afternoon Chuck will be at Comerica to witness part of the decision maker.
Of course, we all want the Tigers to win, but it seems they have squandered so many chances, played so badly lately and at other points during the year.
Keith and I were talking on the phone last night while our boys were getting pummelled. It is very easy to like the Twins, their grit, their attitude and talent.
I think a fitting end would be for both teams to lose today, force a play-off, and the Tigers lose Tuesday. That would just put us through more agony.

Finally, a Good argument "At the Corner"

I think ya'll know that I have been longing for a good friendly argument here. Well, here we go. Let's not dwell on the Tigers shellacking Friday night, let's talk about the media coverage of Detroit and the Tigers.

With the permission of my dear friend and classmate Marty Budner, sports editor of the Birmingham Observer-Eccentric, here are his thoughts on the recent articles in Sports Illustrated and Time Magazine, and I'll take first shot at him in the comment section. Let the debate (or doneybrook" begin, and may the Tigers have a better day tommorrow. All they have to do is win two games.
"Hope all of you are well…
I recently came across two articles which will be of great interest to all my former Motor City mates…maybe you’ve ready them already seen them… if not, they are must reads for all of us with deep roots and sentimental ties to this tremendous, albiet floundering, city we call Detroit…The first article is from the Sept. 28 issue of Sports Illustrated…it is entitled ‘The Righteous Franchise: Detroit…The Tigers’ Bold Stand with Their Fans.” The second is from the Oct. 5 issue – the latest one – of Time magazine. It is entitled: “The Tragedy of Detroit.”
Now, I must get your opinions on these pieces…please take a few minutes to read them and let me know…

The SI article I find highly fallacious….Certainly the city has always had a deep love affair with our beloved Bengals…however, to claim the Tigers brought the city together this summer is simply not true. It is a misleading read to those of you who are watching them from a distance and learning about them only from the printed word…Sure they have piqued our interest with their surprising play and nearly year-long stay in first place…but to infer they were the glue that kept this city from going insane this summer during our economic illness is a misnomer…they have hardly sold out every game…in fact, at the recent Ernie Harwell night, Comerica was not two-thirds full….You would have thought it would have been a sellout (now, I must admit my guilt that I did not attend…wanted to, but was not able)…Ernie’s mortality is a completely different subject – what a great human being…

Now, for the TIME article…it was right on…you will all read it and not your heads in agreement as the author – a Detroit native like ourselves – outlines the reasons for Detroit’s decline over the years…to me, that one was right on the money….I will resist further comment so as not to influence your judgements as you digest the article…I will say it is amazing, and sad, how out birthplace slid from the 5th largest metropolis in the states to No. 11…

I felt the need to alert all of you to these most intriguing words and II offer these comments knowing how all of you love this beleaguered city like I do…

Can’t wait to hear your reactions…

Marty b.

cy young predictor

guys tell me how Verlander ends up 6th on AL cy young candidates?
here is the espn list-

i understand Greinke has a great era but Verlander and Sabathia both have more wins, strikeouts and impressive starts down the stretch. Although im not sure it does, but it has to count for something-pitching for a contender and winning huge games down the stretch. One more big game from our guy (if needed) on the last game of regular season and and it would have to put him in a great spot to win the cy young