Why is Leyland stiil the manager?

Just wondering if anyone else is wondering why Leyland is still managing the Tigs. I realize that they extended his contract earlier in the season. However, why didn't he have our team ready for post season play. Their collapse is his responsibility. True enough he doesn't play in the field or stand in the batter's box -- but he has to have the best team possible ready.; Some of his decisions mystify me. Never understood why Polanco had that day off and Santiago played in that last week. Well Polanco is getting lots of rest and so is Leyland and Dumbrowski.
Will next year be better?

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  1. Good questions, Chuck. I also dislike Leyland's surly attitude toward the media when reporters asked him about Cabrera's drunken escapade. I'm not sure if another manager could have gotten a better performance out of this team, but I think it's time for a change.