Chuck was right all along, it comes down to this...

This afternoon Chuck will be at Comerica to witness part of the decision maker.
Of course, we all want the Tigers to win, but it seems they have squandered so many chances, played so badly lately and at other points during the year.
Keith and I were talking on the phone last night while our boys were getting pummelled. It is very easy to like the Twins, their grit, their attitude and talent.
I think a fitting end would be for both teams to lose today, force a play-off, and the Tigers lose Tuesday. That would just put us through more agony.


  1. What a thrilling Game! Verlander was right on. Finally got Rayburn back in the line up and he responds with 2 home runs. Laird was great. Bunts help us along. Rodney was fine. I really loved the game. The picture with the blog was taken at Opening Day (the guy in the pictire worked for me 20 years ago and I hadn't seen him since ) and here after 162 games we are tied with Minnesota. One last chance. Too much for my nerves

  2. I would have thought you'd be leaving for Minnesota any minute. p.s. - send me a better picture of yourself or put it in your profile, and I'll use it in the future.