cy young predictor

guys tell me how Verlander ends up 6th on AL cy young candidates?
here is the espn list-

i understand Greinke has a great era but Verlander and Sabathia both have more wins, strikeouts and impressive starts down the stretch. Although im not sure it does, but it has to count for something-pitching for a contender and winning huge games down the stretch. One more big game from our guy (if needed) on the last game of regular season and and it would have to put him in a great spot to win the cy young

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  1. Some things a pitcher cannot control, such as wins. He needs a good bullpen and a few runs on his side to win (note Porcello's lack of a win the other day, despite a fine game.)

    Strikeouts afre nice, but you just cannot get everybody. It's a matter of controlling the game.You also do not win Cy Young for throwing the most no-hitters (preposterous, but true!)

    Despite this piece, ESPN and others have consistently listed Verlander as a "contender." It really doesn't matter though, does it, as I'm sure he rather pass up a chance to pitch on Sunday if the Tigers have it wrapped up, and start Game 1 of the play offs.