Detroit Tigers All-Time 9

A cool twist on the polls that we held At The Corner earlier in the year. This one takes a player's best season and stacks it against others at the same position. If you vote strictly on the impact of that one season -- and do not consider a player's entire career -- it isn't as clear cut as you think. For instance: Is it possible that Al Kaline doesn't get a spot in the Tigers' outfield? Check it out for yourself:


  1. Sorry, Al. I voted for Cobb (1911), Colavito (1961) and Ordonez (2007), and I could make an argument that Heilmann (1923) deserves a spot. Don't think Kaline's '55 season, although great, measures up...

  2. Nice to see Champ Summer on the DH list even though I cast my vote for Horton. In the OF I voted for Kaline, Cobb and Crawford. Also
    1B Cash
    2B Whitaker
    SS Tram
    3B Kell
    C Freehan