That's all folks!

Yes, the season is over. I don't think any of us expected the Tigers to win the series, but we were all wrong in the poll. They never took the division flag.
Just like you all must be, I'm disappointed in Miguel's first half the season, Cabrerra's weekend fling, and tonight leaving the bases loaded. You just can't do that and win.
So I'm going to take a break from baseball. A break from ATC. Concentrate on real life. Finding a job.
Boy, that sounds adult. Not at all like the real me.
You guys all have my e-mail address if you want to reach me. I just won't be checking in here.

Maybe we'll get it going again next spring. I won't kill this site, you can post here for as long as blogspot will allow us to hang out free.

Merry Christmas.


  1. Well if Cabrera hadn't gotten all liquored up with the White Sox would Detroit have needed a one-game playoff? And did Leyland leave Rodney in too long last night? Maybe the Tigers just aren't good enough. Although the Metrodome sucks I like the Twins. They play good baseball and I hope they get past the Yanks and go all the way.

  2. So our boys set a record. No team has ever held a three-game lead with four games remaining and not won the division. Ouch. And we thought the Mets' recent collapse was historic. It was a fitting end, however: The Tigers' last game at the House of Pain was a gut-wrenching loss -- and the last pitch Fernando Rodney will throw as a Tiger put a merciful end to the team's season-long rollercoaster ride. Bottom line: the Tigers didn't deserve a playoff spot; the Twins did.

  3. Jeff, should we blame Rodney or fault Leyland for leaving him in so long, especially when hurlers like Ryan Perry were ready in the pen?

  4. Tough call. Rodney wanted to stay in and Leyland's options were limited. Ryan Perry was incredibly ineffective at the end of the season, so knowing that, I would have left Rodney in too. I like this scenario better, however (and yes, it would have hurt the Tigers vs. the Yankees, but heck, they had to GET there first): Verlander, the horse, steps up and volunteers -- yes, on only two days rest -- to pitch an inning or two. Not only do I think Verlander is tough enough to have pulled it off, the Tigers play with incredible confidence when he is on the mound. And the Twins -- salivating at the opportunity to go deeper into the Tigers' pen -- would have suddenly swallowed hard. Unfortunately, we'll never know.

  5. I admire Rodney for wanting to stay in, but Leyland is the manager. It should be his decision. I agree Verlander might've worked. Heck I'd even toss Jackson in if necessary. Oh well...hindsight is 20/20.