WBC: I'm in!

I'm getting into the WBC. Watched the USA/Canada game, and enjoyed it tremendously.

Looking forward to USA/Puerto Rico tonight.

I just don't understand why only 20 some thousand fans showed up in Phoenix. Bring it to the Ballpark in Arlington, I'll go!

Baseball Buddies

                Rick Porcello and Justin Verlander. Lakeland, Fla. March 1. Photo by Tom Hagerty.

Lucky Break for the Tigers

The Texas Rangers' starters breaking his arm could be a "lucky break" for the Tigers. 

Peddle Porcello to Texas for Andrus or Profar. They're both outstanding shortstops, and Rangers just don't know what to do with both of them. 

An answer to both teams problems, and since Texas has a pretty snappy infield, it would probably be good for Porcello too.