Lucky Break for the Tigers

The Texas Rangers' starters breaking his arm could be a "lucky break" for the Tigers. 

Peddle Porcello to Texas for Andrus or Profar. They're both outstanding shortstops, and Rangers just don't know what to do with both of them. 

An answer to both teams problems, and since Texas has a pretty snappy infield, it would probably be good for Porcello too.  


  1. I think that Porcello is going to be an outstanding pitcher in the future. I would not give him away, that is for sure. Any Porcello deal is going to be a major deal that will have to include Peralta in some way shape or form if they are to get back Andrus or Profar.

    There is a better chance that he will be dealt to a National League team where he will also be able to hit. He is a very good hitter. Look out for something with San Diego or Colorado and it will be 4 to 6 players involved.

    I think that Rondon will be ok. I would not trade the ranch at this point for a closer.

    Headed to Lakeland for 10 days next week. I can't wait!!!

  2. Dallas Morning News reports that the Rangers asked about Porcello, and the Tigers took our advice, and said Andrus or Profar.

    Of course, so far, no deal.

  3. I doubt Texas would swap one of those shortstops straight up for Porcello. Texas would likely want a top prospect like Castellanos or Garcia. If I'm Dombrowski I do not make ta deal. I agree with Brother Bill: Porcello is already a solid starter and can only get better. Remember, he pitched only one season inthe minors. He's at an age when a lot of pitchers would make their MLB debut. In 4 years w/ Detroit he has won 48 games. Could he benefit from infielders w/ more range? Sure but I still say it is too soon for the Tigers to give up on him.