Busy, busy, busy ... Tigers pick up options on Dotel, Peralta

From the Tigers ...


DETROIT – The Detroit Tigers today announced the club has exercised its options for the 2013 season on righthanded pitcher Octavio Dotel and shortstop Jhonny Peralta.

Dotel appeared in 57 games for the Tigers during the 2012 season, posting a 5-3 record, 3.57 ERA (58.0IP/23ER) and 62 strikeouts. He limited opponents to a .230 batting average (50x217) during the season. Dotel did not allow a run in five innings of work during his six outings for Detroit during the playoffs.

Peralta batted .239 (127x531) with 32 doubles, three triples, 13 home runs and 63 RBI in 150 games for the Tigers during the 2012 season. He finished second among all American League shortstops with a .988 fielding percentage during the season. Peralta hit .260 (13x50) with a double, three home runs and five RBI in 13 games for Detroit during the playoffs.

Additionally, the Tigers reinstated infielder/outfielder Ryan Raburn from the 15-day disabled list and lefthanded pitcher Daniel Schlereth and designated hitter Victor Martinez from the 60-day disabled list on Monday.

Delmon Young ... duh

When asked after Game 4 if he'd like to be back with the Tigers, Delmon Young said, "It would be cool, but I'd like to see what's out there. I'm not going to marry my first girlfriend."

Excuse me, Delmon, I'd like to point out that you CAN'T marry your first girlfriend if she dumps your butt without giving you the chance to ask. Happy trails.

Tigers extend Leyland's contract through 2013


Leyland Will Return for Eighth Season as Detroit’s Manager

DETROIT – The Detroit Tigers today announced the club has extended the contract of Jim Leyland through the 2013 season.

The 2013 season will mark Leyland’s 22nd season as a manager at the major league level, his eighth as the manager of the Tigers. He has compiled a 1,676-1,659 record during his managerial career. Leyland’s 1,676 wins are tops among all active major league managers and 15th-most all-time in major league history.

“Jim is as fine a manager as there is in baseball, he has done a fantastic job for the organization and we are thrilled to have him back managing the Tigers in 2013,” Tigers President, Chief Executive Officer and General Manager David Dombrowski said. “I have a tremendous amount of respect for Jim and his ability to lead our club on the field. I am confident that you will not find a harder working or better prepared manager in the game.”

Leyland, 67, has guided the Tigers to a 607-528 record during his seven seasons as the club’s manager. He is one of only three managers in Tigers history to register at least 600 victories with the club. Sparky Anderson (1,331 wins) and Hughie Jennings (1,131 wins) are the two other managers in Tigers history with at least 600 wins with the club.

“Detroit is a tremendous baseball town and I couldn’t dream of a better place to manage,” Leyland said. “The support of Mr. Ilitch and Dave is second to none and gives this club an opportunity to win every year. Tigers fans and the people of Michigan have supported us so well during my time here, I can’t even begin to express how much that means to me.”

The Tigers have advanced to the post-season three times during Leyland’s managerial career with the club, including winning the American League Central Division in each of the last two seasons. Leyland joins Jennings as the only two managers in Tigers history to lead the club to post-season play in three seasons.

Detroit advanced to the World Series this season for the second time during Leyland’s managerial tenure. He is the third manager in franchise history to guide a Tigers club to the World Series multiple times, joining Jennings and Mickey Cochrane. Jennings led Detroit to three straight World Series (1907-09), while Cochrane led the Tigers to the World Series in back-to-back seasons (1934-35).

Additionally, the Tigers have invited all six members of Leyland’s coaching staff to return for the 2013 season. Toby Harrah has also been invited back to serve as the club’s assistant hitting coach, a role he performed over the last half of the 2012 season.

Great news!

The Tigers announced today that Jim Leyland will be back to manage the team for the 2013 season.

Justin Verlander tweets:

"you guys deserved better from us & our pledge is to get right to work to make sure we're back again in '13.  Thank you."
Tweeted Monday.
sounds good to me

Verlander's future

Although he choked in the All Star game and in the first game of the World Series - JV is a keeper and a gamer.  Why not have Ilitich rip up his contract now and set up a 10 year deal?  or is there such a thing as a life long contract?


Whiel enjoying the festivities down town, I stopped in the Detroit Atletic Co. (look at their catalog onlne).  Their owner told me that the Rangers are letting Josh Hamilton test the free aganet waters and that Mike Ilitch is VERY interested.  Cabrera, Fielder, V Mart, and Hamilton - WOW

You guys are brilliant!

Way back in spring training, I polled you characters, and asked, "Where will the Tigers end up at the end of the season."
The unanimous answer?
AL Champs, but losers in the Series. Wow, did you call that one!

Disappointing, fer sure. But there's always next year. 28 years since the "Bless you boys" campaign. When we were kids, it seemed like the Tigers had never won a pennant or a series.

Do you realize that when the Tigers won the Series in 1968 it had been "only" 23 years since the previous victory?

Yes, we're in a slump.

But there's always next year. The good, the bad and the ugly, as I see it:


We'll have Martinez back, and it seems as though Garcia was a gift from on high. May he have a long, productive career as a Tiger. Also, it looks as though our pitching rotation has settled into place. If we re-sign Sanchez, I think we're ready for 2013.


We really have two needs in the off-season trading/signing market:

A relief pitcher and a shortstop.

Yes, it's time to say adios to the heart-attack under a cap (a.k.a. Malverde) and Peralta. We can do better.


Two folks that we must kiss goodbye: Quentin Berry and Jim Leyland.

Berry seemed too good to be true, and he was. A long-term veteran of the minor leagues, he was the find nobody expected. But as the season wore on, we found out why so many other organizations passed him up. He's really fast, but all his other talents don't make him a legitimate talent. With young talent like Garcia, and veteran experience like Martinez returning, there's no room on the roster.

Finally, Leyland must go. He brought the Tigers into the playoffs with the worst record of any playoff team, and they performed well above that in the post-season. But in the end, the team failed.

If the bus won't start, shoot the bus driver.

Many plaudits will be posted for Leyland over the next few weeks. He's not a bad guy. He's just a guy who's time has passed. He's been given many opportunities, and has not delivered the big enchilada. This is not Catholic Charities job program. Fire the man.

Give him a graceful out. Let him take a few weeks off, and then tell him to retire. 

What a roller coaster!

Our boys aren't really playing bad baseball. They've been pitching well, and had some good pitching thrown against them. Se la guerre.

I can't fault Fielder's running; sure, he could have slid wide and reached back. But that's pretty picky. IMHO, it was aggressive baseball, a good decision to come home, and it took a great play to catch him.  


I believe that Leyland gave Papa Grande a last chance, no pressure, no lead to protect, on the rpoad away from boo-birds and he failed.  Good Luck in the future.  Thanks for the memories.

Don't Stop Believin!!

We will win, just not in four games.
Looking forward to taking it all in this weekend.

"World Series bound and picking up steam"

Here's a photo I took of a Lakeland, Fla., barber shop on March 14, 2012. Someone there certainly had faith in the Tigers.

The GRRREAT Delmon Young!

I'll be honest. I started out writing this post to say that comparing post season totals (home runs, RBI's) between Delmon Young and Hank Greenberg is preposterous.

In Greenberg's day, only two teams out of 16 got as far as the postseason. Hence, (and my math is terrible, so I'll stand for criticisms) your team only had .125 percent chance to even get that far. Today, 10 out of 30 teams make it to the playoffs, or a .330 chance.

So there is a great deal of luck in being on a winning team, and even getting the chance to be in the postseason.

For example, our hero Al Kaline only appeared in one World Series and one playoff. Total post-season production: three homers and nine RBI's. He had a great series in 1968, hitting .379 but his totals are less than either Greenberg or Young. 

But when I got back to comparing the records of Greenberg and Young, Delmon's stats hold up.

Fact is, their opportunities post-season have been pretty similar, and fact is, Delmon has more cred!

Delmon played in 18 games for the last two years for the Tigers. (Let's ignore his post-season appearances with Minnesota.) He has racked up seven homers and 14 RBI's.

Greenberg played in 23 games in four World Series. (Once again, some luck in playing for a winner.) He "only" hit five HR's and 22 RBI's.

It's not always going to be fair to compare modern players' post-seasons with the old boys. Already this season we've had a record 36 post-season games, and there could be seven more. In olden times there we only seven post-season games* per year.

But in this case, Young has played in fewer games, and accomplished more. Tip of the cap to him.

(I thought you guys would appreciate a Maris-style asterisk to my records. From 1919-1923 the series was the best of nine!)  

Classic Blazer on Sale at e-bay

You'll be the hit of your Tiger party with this antique usher blazer on sale at e-bay.


Starting bid is only $19.99, but my guess some fool will pay a lot more.  Personally, I think Captain Kangaroo wore it first.

Who would have thunk?

Half of Michigna want to have Leyland run for govenor.  I do not, but you have to admit he was successful.
Delmon Young MVP of the playoffs.  Until he grew his moustache, I wanted him gone too.
Speaking of wanting him gone -- how about Phil Coke, closing out three games against his former team.  Who would have thunk.
The heroics of Don Kelly.
Brennan Boesch not even making the team.
Will Valverde ever pitch in a Tiger uniform again?  He did save 110 games the last two years - but when we really needed him he was too busy spitting.
What a valuable role Laird played this year.
If leyland leaves, Lamont will carry his bags - will he stop or go at third base?
Glad to have Amazing Al back!! - closer of the future??
Fielder's bat was dead in the playoffs, look for him to explode in the Series.  MVP here we come.
Speaking of exploding - Jhonny two home runs in Game 4 -- all is forgiven.
Nuff for now................
Go Tigers


What a game.  I posted a pic on Facebook of myself wearing a T-shirt that says Yankees suck and holding a broom.  I told Gregg it was his job to post it here.

Great season frustrating at times, but ya gotta believe.

My son lives in Vegas and is also a huge Tigers fan.  He is going to Chicago for business on the 29th for meetings.  he did a lot of calculating.  He switched his ticket to come to Detroit first on the 26th.  His calculations say that Sunday is Game 4 and we could be in line to sweep St. Louis.  He also thinks the Tigers will be pitching Verlander and HE IS TAKING HIS DAD TO THE GAME FOR A BIRTHDAY PRESENT. WOW!!!!! 

Quick, Fed Ex Me a Stroh's!!!

Me & Kaline the Kat ready for the big game. (Being a feline, he's a big Tiger fan, doncha know.)

Thanks to Brother Chuck for the Playoff Package, including championship T and Detroit Tiger peanuts. Ready last night, and we'll be ready this afternoon.

Get out Your brooms

was exciting being there last night.  Our seat could not have been further from Home Plate, but was it fun!!  Hope I did not jinx us with the title of this email.  CC has been hot, but Sherzer is no slouch.
Go Get 'Em

Are You Getting Sick and Tired of TBS' Pro-Yankee Bias?

Johnson, Darling and Smoltz, droning on and one about how cool and collected the Yankees are. How much pressure their hitters face. What a trajedy it is about Jeter. And Girardi losing his father.

Lions, and Tigers and Bears, Oh My!

The Ultimate was when that jerk, Craig Sager decided to show up for work at Yankee Stadium Sunday in a white suite with blue pinstripes! Hey, buddy, why don't you just wear a Yankee cap?

Fister looked pretty collected when the bases were loaded...three times.

Tiger hitters looked pretty collected in getting nine runs in the first two games in Yankee Stadium.

Then Smolz strikes genius when they were talking about Valverde's record last year.

"Gee, 49 out of 49.  That's 100 percent!"

That was so dumb, one of his broadcast partners even commented on it.

Ernie and George were homers, but I don't think they were this bad. 

What do you do with Valverde

He has been our work horse for two years.  Nowhere near as dependable this year as last and then there are his Playoff antics.  On the broadcast last night, Ron Darling said that there would have to be serious conversation today about Valverde.  One of the other announcers said that Leyland is always loyal -- but to what extent.  Even Girardi benched A-rod.  Smyly looked good.  Wouldn't want to be in Jim's shoes.


(sing along with me)


I think even Mal-verde Could handle this...

or maybe not. Hey, coach, gimme the ball!

Well, they didn't promise us a rose garden...

So if they come down to the ninth tonight, do we call on Valverde tonight,or leave Albequerquqe in?

Anybody wanna meet here tonight during the game? Do some live posting to keep awake?

Happy Birthday (sort of) to Us!

We reached a milestone the other day, folks!

We hit 20,000 page views. Now granted, that's probably 10,000 hits by yours truly, 4,000 by Chuck, 2,000 each by Jeff, Jim, and Bill, and a couple hundred folks aimlessy wandering the internet, but it's certainly an accomplishment of some kind.

Other odds and ends:

My brother Chuck (one of those occassional visitors) points us to an interesting site for trivia


OBTW: here's an idea: next season, would you like to go to Comerica together for a game? Chuck, I know you'd be up for it. Bill, would you come from Reston? Jeff would you come from Traverse City? Jim, would you come from Chicago? What would be the best time of year? I vote for August, easily the best time of year to be in Michigan, and the worst time to be in Dallas. Whaddya think?

Kissing that ball

Amazing Al kissed the final out and ticked off the Oakland A's - might not have been real professional, but it sure was good.
Two sloppy wins, but we accept them both.
Sure is fun to be in the post season and weonly have to win one of the next three to advance.

"We're all behind our baseball team .. Go Get 'Em Tigers

Fasinating SI Issue

Pick up the Oct. 1 issue of SI.

It will make you laugh, it wil make you cry, it will make you mad.

David Simon (creator of TV shows The Wire and Treme) writes a hilarious, sarcastic, nasty piece of being an unwilling Orioles fan and an unlikely commentator on the team.

"Fact is, you asked the wrong guy for this little essay.

"For one thing, I'm not generally known as a glass-half-full kind of guy. I'm the fellow who writes all those dystopian sociopolitical dramas from whatever dark corner of the American experience offers the best chance for grievious tragedy. I'm not even a glass-half-empty kind of guy. I'm more the glass-is-broken-over-theend-of-the-bar-and-used-to-splay-the-jugular-of-whichever-character-stood-up-and-dared-assert-for-human-dignity-two-scenes-earlier-guy. I'm that kind of guy....

"For Sports Illustrated to call the bullpen of Baltimore writers and ask for Simon to get loose is a twisted little joke."

He goes on, and I cracked up at every crafted sentence, Cherrios and milk coming out my nose at the breakfast table.

Then they make you cry, with the story of Nationals' manager Davey Johnson, his grievious personal losses, and yet his undefeatable spirit and good humor.

"I like working with smart people" he said about the Mets. "And if they were dumb enought to fire me, I guess they weren't very smart." Tom Verducci at his finest.

And then they make your blood boil by saying Miggy doesn't deserve MVP, cause his WAR ain't high enough! Sure, Trout's a good outfielder, he's fast, and has a nice average, but hey, can you win a game by cracking a single, and stealing second? Alright, maybe once in a while, but I'd rather have Cabrera.

We don't wish this on our worst enemy

and while the A's are certainly estimable and honorable opponents, they aren't our enemy.

As he asks, please pray for the Neshek family.

Pat Neshek’s baby boy dies 23 hours after birth

Total sorrow. Unimaginable and seemingly implacable sorrow. Nobody ever should be made to feel how Oakland Athletics pitcher Pat Neshek and his wife Stephanee Neshek must feel right now.

In a series of tweets that are simply devastating, Neshek and his wife communicated how they anticipated and celebrated the birth of their first child. They also reflected on the rebirth of Neshek's career and the A's incredible season. And they plainly described the stunning horror of losing a newborn son. The tweets include a family photo, obviously taken shortly after Stephanee Neshek gave birth.

Gehrig John Neshek — weighing 8 pounds, 5 ounces — was born Tuesday. He didn't make it to Thursday, and the Nesheks don't know why. Warning: The following Tweets — listed with the most recent message on top — is hard to read:

Neshek had been granted leave from the A's in order to attend the birth in Florida. So he missed the team clinching the AL West in Oakland, completing a 13-game climb to overtake the Texas Rangers. But what does baseball mean when compared to the birth of your first child?

The Nesheks probably have been told that the time they got to spend with their son before he died will ease the burden of having to live inside the void his death leaves. It probably won't comfort them now, or even soon, but it also might be the only way they'll someday be able to overcome the emotional devastation they're feeling.

Neshek has pitched in the majors since 2006, mostly with the Twins, but after having Tommy John elbow surgery in 2009 and kind of bouncing around ever since, he posted a 1.37 ERA in in 19 2/3 innings with the A's this season. He's also a strong writer, having blogged way before it became cool or common, and he has run his own website. It might seem unusual for him to announce the worst news possible on Twitter so soon after it happened, but it figures rightly. He has lived a fascinating life and he was looking forward to being a dad. Stephanee Neshek obviously was excited about becoming a mom.

What happened to them wasn't fair.

Uh oh...here come the A's

IMHO, we couldn't have a tougher draw in the playoffs that the A's.

They are as hot as one of those little Chinese red peppers.

You can look at the AL West race as a monumental collapse by the Rangers (possible) or an incredible run by the A's. They were 13 games behind the Rangers at the end of June.

Sure, give Inge some credit, but these guys have put together incredible pitching, clutch hitting and some speed. It's a new kind of "small ball" with relatively low batting averages, lots of pitching and lots of homeruns.

Good news will be that they we have some good pitching of our own, and (now this is backward thinking) they are on a lengthy streak, having just swept the Rangers. The streak must end sooner of later, hopefully sooner.  

ESPN interviews Brandon Inge

Just got done watching ESPN interview Inge.  He is not on playoff roster due to shoulder surgery.  ESPN says Inge is the catalyst that broke the A's out of their slump.  Inge compliments Bob Melvin.  He says it is a loose club with a bunch of "goof balls"  Lots of compliments for inge and he will even be a factor from the bench with his experience and his looseness.  Go Oakland, except when they play the Tigs.

Triple crown for Miggy

So far he is 2 for 2 tonight.  I hope he gets it what a phenomenal accomplishment that would be.  Most worried about Josh Hamilton in the home run department.  Maybe they will sit Hamilton.  Get Hamilton ready to lose to the Tigers in the playoffs.