Whiel enjoying the festivities down town, I stopped in the Detroit Atletic Co. (look at their catalog onlne).  Their owner told me that the Rangers are letting Josh Hamilton test the free aganet waters and that Mike Ilitch is VERY interested.  Cabrera, Fielder, V Mart, and Hamilton - WOW


  1. First reaction: Wow! Second thought: Since we know Miggie has an alcohol problem that needs to be closely monitored, might we be playing with fire by adding another substance abuser? Just throwing that out there.

  2. Agreed. I'd pass on Josh. This is not new news. I like Hamilton, (both personally and professionally) and I hope he succeeds in battling his demons. But I just don't think he's a problem we need right now, for the reasons Brother Peek suggests.

    The Rangers were hot to get him re-signed last winter, and he had stated that he didn't want to negotiate during the season. Then he had a relapse.

    Josh went into a terrible slump (some might call it a "Fielder-like slump" at the end of the season, fell out of the HR Derby race, and let down his team when they needed him most.

    Tigers don't need another streaky power-hitting outfielder.

    Concentrate on what they need: a good shortstop and relief pitching. Then get a manager who can harness the considerable talent they already own.

  3. Hamilton's substance-abuse history doesn't worry me, but I do not think the Tiges need him, especially at what it would cost to sign him. And with Avisail Garcia and potentially Nick Castellanos we have plenty of outfielders.