Fasinating SI Issue

Pick up the Oct. 1 issue of SI.

It will make you laugh, it wil make you cry, it will make you mad.

David Simon (creator of TV shows The Wire and Treme) writes a hilarious, sarcastic, nasty piece of being an unwilling Orioles fan and an unlikely commentator on the team.

"Fact is, you asked the wrong guy for this little essay.

"For one thing, I'm not generally known as a glass-half-full kind of guy. I'm the fellow who writes all those dystopian sociopolitical dramas from whatever dark corner of the American experience offers the best chance for grievious tragedy. I'm not even a glass-half-empty kind of guy. I'm more the glass-is-broken-over-theend-of-the-bar-and-used-to-splay-the-jugular-of-whichever-character-stood-up-and-dared-assert-for-human-dignity-two-scenes-earlier-guy. I'm that kind of guy....

"For Sports Illustrated to call the bullpen of Baltimore writers and ask for Simon to get loose is a twisted little joke."

He goes on, and I cracked up at every crafted sentence, Cherrios and milk coming out my nose at the breakfast table.

Then they make you cry, with the story of Nationals' manager Davey Johnson, his grievious personal losses, and yet his undefeatable spirit and good humor.

"I like working with smart people" he said about the Mets. "And if they were dumb enought to fire me, I guess they weren't very smart." Tom Verducci at his finest.

And then they make your blood boil by saying Miggy doesn't deserve MVP, cause his WAR ain't high enough! Sure, Trout's a good outfielder, he's fast, and has a nice average, but hey, can you win a game by cracking a single, and stealing second? Alright, maybe once in a while, but I'd rather have Cabrera.

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