Verlander's future

Although he choked in the All Star game and in the first game of the World Series - JV is a keeper and a gamer.  Why not have Ilitich rip up his contract now and set up a 10 year deal?  or is there such a thing as a life long contract?


  1. Choked? What nonsense. Sometime major-league hitters will get hits and score runs off another major-league pitcher, even one as good as JV. That, my friend, is not choking.

  2. Right, it's not choking. JV's a great guy, but Chuckie, what are you smoking? He'll be 30 next Opening Day. Few pitchers go past 40, and none excel. Run out his contract, and consider it then.
    He's well-paid. He has no reason to expect such a deal.

  3. ouch - two rebukes from my friends. Choked may be a strong word, but he did fail in two pretty important games. Of course he succeded in MANY other. Not sure what the length of his current contract is. Anybody know? I still say lock him up to a long term deal before he goes to the Yankees.