What do you do with Valverde

He has been our work horse for two years.  Nowhere near as dependable this year as last and then there are his Playoff antics.  On the broadcast last night, Ron Darling said that there would have to be serious conversation today about Valverde.  One of the other announcers said that Leyland is always loyal -- but to what extent.  Even Girardi benched A-rod.  Smyly looked good.  Wouldn't want to be in Jim's shoes.


  1. It is really setting up well for the Tigers. Today is the biggest game of the season. If they win today, they will not come back to New York and the Tigers win by sweeping or in 5 games. The Jeter lost is huge in so many ways. The biggest factor is that the Yankees lose their leadoff hitter. Someone who can hit and run, hit the ball to right field and advance the runner, and reach the short porch in right. The Yankee lineup is now a mess, and so is their pitching.

    Look for the Tigers to win in 5 games and face the Giants and win in 6 games. It's time for Miggy and Biggie to do their thing, although the two key players for the Tigers are Austin Jackson and Infante. Infante can hit any fastball and his ability to do that will make a difference.

    Dotel will become the closer, but look for Albuquerque to pitch in the late innings, with Coke pitching to lefty's

    Enjoy the game today.

  2. I wouldn’t give Valverde the ball again. I know Leyland is an old school guy who wants to reward the players who got him there, but at what cost? Valderde certainly shouldn’t sniff a save situation again. If Alburquereque is your closer of the future (and that’s the talk) and Valverde is out the door as a free agent anyway, give the ball to the kid – or Dotel or Smyly. Valverde’s “repertoire” consists of fastball, fastball, fastball, most of them right down the middle. No one – NO ONE – gets away with that in The Show. That’s garbage.

  3. Valverde’s contract expires at the end of the season. Time he moves on.....

  4. Agreed. It might be too much pressure to officially designate Al as the closer, but I'd definitely give him the ball the next time there's a need.

    Leyland is right, he's only human. There's no need to disgrace him by saying he's done. But we can just let him die quietly in the bullpen.