Well, they didn't promise us a rose garden...

So if they come down to the ninth tonight, do we call on Valverde tonight,or leave Albequerquqe in?

Anybody wanna meet here tonight during the game? Do some live posting to keep awake?

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  1. A collection of e-mail chatter amongst "Da Boys." Of course, to make sense, you have to read from the bottom up.

    It will be interesting and nerve wracking. No confidence in Papa Grande. Look at what jOe Girardi did last night. Pinch hit for A-rod with a 40 year old former Philly (Raul Ibanez) who tied the game in the 9th and won it in the 12th with TWO homers. Gutsy call by Girardi, but managers are paid to manage and not only go "by the book". Do what's right. Go with your gut. Use yur instinct. Go out on a limb. WIN the damn game!!!! Or find another job. Quit telling us "that's baseball". Light a fire. Show some emotion

    From: "Jim Domzal"
    Date: Thu, 11 Oct 2012 14:17:20 -0500
    To: 'Budner, Marty'; 'Gregory Shields';

    all I ever wanted in this whole deal was to see the rug on old mike’s head get soaked with champagne and Smokey and mike just hugging, like two kids. I believe they get past this, they can actually take the yanks. what a shame to be so close and have that piece of work malverde let it all slip away. the guys a head case. bring back fernannnnndoo. incredible. 49 saves this past season. how could they let him get away? that place is going to be nuts tonight. unless of course we build a 6 run lead going into the 9th which, with malverde going, may not be enough. but, they have been piecing this season together with string and paper clips in my opinion. the middle relief and bullpen has been very unreliable. lots of bats, but, even they are silenced with strong pitching, which, I see the A’s have plenty of plus a lot of momentum. how I wish we could watch a game with a comfortable lead from the 1st or second inning on. I can’t take it. they lose, well, we virtually have nothing going for us. lions, well, same old lions. ‘the Schwartz’ will soon be walking down that one way corridor out to Woodward. guy tried, I’ll give him that. but, you just cannot instill intelligence into a person. the players are just not too intelligent. once you accept this as entertainment by rather ignorant individuals, and not a competitive team sport, you’re ok.just cannot teach ‘smart’. emotion along with low I.Q. gets you what you see in the lions I am afraid. kinda like going to the symphony. sounds great, the tuxs and gowns are pretty, nice setting, but, its entertainment. someone drops a note, the obo doesn’t quite kick in when its time has come, nobody really misses it. you listen, clap, eat caviar and go home happy. this is how you need to approach the lions, and I am starting to believe, our tigers. how Leyland can continue to count on this misfit malverde is beyond me. but, I guess its all they got for now. gotta go with what got you there right? go team. Michigan, another mediocre season, State, done, wings, nonexistent, oh yeah, forgot about basketball. fortunately I have forgot about it and the pistons. I may watch one game combined over a season. in conclusion my friend, and fellow marauders, we are in bad shape if this tiger love affair ends tonight.

    From: Budner, Marty 2:06 PM
    To: Gregory Shields; Jim; pio@wwnet.net
    Oh man…it was not valver’s DAY!! He’s more up and down than a slinky….

    Well,, pues, it’s down to one game and hopefully Verlander can make it a good V-J celebration tonight…but, pitching is not their major problem…they need to get some hits….for a team that’s built on scoring runs, they’re certainly not producing….they better do something good because Mike Ilitch is not getting any younger…

    From: Gregory Shields
    Sent: Thursday, October 11, 2012 8:45 AM

    that's what liquor is for, pal.

    From: Jim
    To: mbudner@hometownlife.com; pio@wwnet.net; prmangregg@yahoo.com
    Sent: Thursday, October 11, 2012 12:26 AM

    its over.they cannot rely on verlander so so much. he's human, not automatic although I wish it were true.the heart attack valverde must go along with smoky ,er i mean layland. im so upset i can't even sleep.