What a game.  I posted a pic on Facebook of myself wearing a T-shirt that says Yankees suck and holding a broom.  I told Gregg it was his job to post it here.

Great season frustrating at times, but ya gotta believe.

My son lives in Vegas and is also a huge Tigers fan.  He is going to Chicago for business on the 29th for meetings.  he did a lot of calculating.  He switched his ticket to come to Detroit first on the 26th.  His calculations say that Sunday is Game 4 and we could be in line to sweep St. Louis.  He also thinks the Tigers will be pitching Verlander and HE IS TAKING HIS DAD TO THE GAME FOR A BIRTHDAY PRESENT. WOW!!!!! 

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  1. OK, chuckles, here's the pic you "ordered."

    Now you gotta learn how to do it yourself, in case they bring in Malverde, and my pacemaker conks out.

    If you learned how to post a pic on Facebook, you can do this.

    When you post a note, look at the line of little boxes over your words. Put your cusor over the little box just to the right of "LINK." It will say "Insert image. Click it. Then it asks if you want to upload a pic from you computer, or somewhere on the internet. Could it be easier? You could send us a pic from the game next week!