Happy Birthday (sort of) to Us!

We reached a milestone the other day, folks!

We hit 20,000 page views. Now granted, that's probably 10,000 hits by yours truly, 4,000 by Chuck, 2,000 each by Jeff, Jim, and Bill, and a couple hundred folks aimlessy wandering the internet, but it's certainly an accomplishment of some kind.

Other odds and ends:

My brother Chuck (one of those occassional visitors) points us to an interesting site for trivia


OBTW: here's an idea: next season, would you like to go to Comerica together for a game? Chuck, I know you'd be up for it. Bill, would you come from Reston? Jeff would you come from Traverse City? Jim, would you come from Chicago? What would be the best time of year? I vote for August, easily the best time of year to be in Michigan, and the worst time to be in Dallas. Whaddya think?

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  1. Wow! Clearly your brother Chuck is some sort of genius!:-)