Kissing that ball

Amazing Al kissed the final out and ticked off the Oakland A's - might not have been real professional, but it sure was good.
Two sloppy wins, but we accept them both.
Sure is fun to be in the post season and weonly have to win one of the next three to advance.

"We're all behind our baseball team .. Go Get 'Em Tigers


  1. Posted on behalf of our pal Jim Domzal:

    well, I guess I would have rather seen him kiss that ball at the end of a win securing the series versus yesterday. yes, kid stuff, yes, bush league, and yes, you could kind of see the kid in all of us doing it-if we were 17 and playing high school ball. frankly, in 60 years I have never ever seen anyone do this. now if rose had done it, it would have been intimidating. course pete wouldn’t have stooped to something like this, but this untested drink of water kissing the ball, hailing from the capital of new mexico no less, well it just doesn’t sit well. it’ll be history by the end of the series, but, as we all know, you don’t want to give anyone anything to be fired up. playing in that nut house out there tomorrow will be intimidating enough. those fans and that team in that environment will be all the tigers can handle. I hope, miggy, the prince, and a few others are hot at the plate as well as in the field. it will be a big task to take this team in 3. we need a good start, strong pitching, at least into the 7 th and hopefully, whoever smoky jim puts in there, notel dotel or been-oint, they come thru. I will watch with the volume off. I cannot take the insanity of a boisterous home crowd. I get so worked up I cant relax I want them to win so bad.

  2. Sunday's game was not on free TV: you guys gotta explain this to me.

  3. ball hit back to Al. Just a little dribbler. He fields the ball for an obvious out, kisses the ball and flips it to Prince -- Ballgame!!

  4. Ah. I read the background on the Freep's website. Much ado about nothing. When the Tigers win tonight, the entire team should stand in front of the A's dugout, and kiss baseballs.
    A more eggregious (sp?) offense of sportsmanship would seem to be the increasing offense of a batter starting a trot to first when he has a 3-0 or 3-1 count, and takes a close strike. If I were the ump, that would drive me crazy, and tempt me to call everything a strike his next AB.