Uh oh...here come the A's

IMHO, we couldn't have a tougher draw in the playoffs that the A's.

They are as hot as one of those little Chinese red peppers.

You can look at the AL West race as a monumental collapse by the Rangers (possible) or an incredible run by the A's. They were 13 games behind the Rangers at the end of June.

Sure, give Inge some credit, but these guys have put together incredible pitching, clutch hitting and some speed. It's a new kind of "small ball" with relatively low batting averages, lots of pitching and lots of homeruns.

Good news will be that they we have some good pitching of our own, and (now this is backward thinking) they are on a lengthy streak, having just swept the Rangers. The streak must end sooner of later, hopefully sooner.  

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