I believe that Leyland gave Papa Grande a last chance, no pressure, no lead to protect, on the rpoad away from boo-birds and he failed.  Good Luck in the future.  Thanks for the memories.


  1. Totally agreed. I thought it was a great time to let him shine. Instead, he stunk the joint out. If he was a real guy, he'd say he pulled a quad, and ask to go on the DL so Tigers could pull in another roster player.

    But he won't, so the Tigers essentially have a 24-man roster.

  2. A real guy?as opposed to a false one? Valverde has done a great job for Detroit up until now. I'd give him another chance in spring training.

  3. Malverde is a free agent.

    A "real guy" as in one who puts the good of the team ahead of his own ego.

    In fact, since he would be in for a share of the World Series bonus, it would be in his own interest to claim an injury and allow another player on the roster.

    Actually makes an interesting discussion as to who they would put on the roster. Maybe a position player, since the starting pitching staff is eating up so many innings, the bullpen isn't even being taxed. Yet, playing in an NL park we could always use another stick.

  4. To paraphrase that line in MONEYBALL...that time comes to everyone (when they can no longer compete)....some when they're young...others when they're old. Valverdie's is now.

  5. I don'r buy the real vs. unreal guy theory, but if I did, wouldn't a real guy not fake an injury? And since when is Valverde putting his ego ahead of the good of the team? A player doesn't make roster decisions: that's up to Leyland and Dombrowski.