Who would have thunk?

Half of Michigna want to have Leyland run for govenor.  I do not, but you have to admit he was successful.
Delmon Young MVP of the playoffs.  Until he grew his moustache, I wanted him gone too.
Speaking of wanting him gone -- how about Phil Coke, closing out three games against his former team.  Who would have thunk.
The heroics of Don Kelly.
Brennan Boesch not even making the team.
Will Valverde ever pitch in a Tiger uniform again?  He did save 110 games the last two years - but when we really needed him he was too busy spitting.
What a valuable role Laird played this year.
If leyland leaves, Lamont will carry his bags - will he stop or go at third base?
Glad to have Amazing Al back!! - closer of the future??
Fielder's bat was dead in the playoffs, look for him to explode in the Series.  MVP here we come.
Speaking of exploding - Jhonny two home runs in Game 4 -- all is forgiven.
Nuff for now................
Go Tigers

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