Welcome to our blog, Marauders & Tigers.

Likely, you got my e-mail with the basic intent of what we are about.

If not, this was born out of a bunch of old guys who went to Sacred Heart Seminary in the late 1960's, who remain outrageously loyal to the Detroit Tigers. We loved them in '68 when Kaline was in rightfield, we loved them in 1984 when Gibbie was there, and yes, we even loved them in the dark days when Alan Trammel was manager.

The idea is that we could get together (totally at your leisure) and chat about the Tigers, today, yesterday and tommorrow. Show pictures, make predictions, have fun, just like we were having a Stroh's beer and a Ballpark Hot Dog at (sniffle, sniffle) Tiger Stadium. Invite the boys on a pilgrimage to Toledo to sees the Tigers of Tomorrow, or plan a trip to Lakeland

For example, Bill Bouie (Class of '70) Tom Haggerty (Class of '71 that was born too late) and I went to Lakeland this spring and took in a Tiger spring training game together. Hot fun in the Florida sunshine. The world was bright, and I called for the Tigers to win almost every game. Bill explained it wasn't going to be that easy with no pitching. As we all know, they went out and lost seven straight.

Tom, you are a great photographer, and you have some wonderful stuff shot both at Tiger Stadium and Marchant. Please, share!

So I'll post some pictures of our visit to Joker Marchant Stadium. We vowed to make it an annual pilgrimage (Lucky Tom lives nearby) and in the dark cold days of winter we can plot our escape from jobs and families for at least one game together.

In the meantime, I can't make any promises about being a blogmeister. Forgive me guys, it's only my second effort. The last one lasted only a year, and died from lack of interest.

This one will last as long as you are interested. I won't pester you to post. I'm not selling anything, and I won't use your identity improperly.

See you at the ball park: my next game: Aug. 18 at the Ballpark in Arlington against the Rangers. Fodder for another post.