Are You Getting Sick and Tired of TBS' Pro-Yankee Bias?

Johnson, Darling and Smoltz, droning on and one about how cool and collected the Yankees are. How much pressure their hitters face. What a trajedy it is about Jeter. And Girardi losing his father.

Lions, and Tigers and Bears, Oh My!

The Ultimate was when that jerk, Craig Sager decided to show up for work at Yankee Stadium Sunday in a white suite with blue pinstripes! Hey, buddy, why don't you just wear a Yankee cap?

Fister looked pretty collected when the bases were loaded...three times.

Tiger hitters looked pretty collected in getting nine runs in the first two games in Yankee Stadium.

Then Smolz strikes genius when they were talking about Valverde's record last year.

"Gee, 49 out of 49.  That's 100 percent!"

That was so dumb, one of his broadcast partners even commented on it.

Ernie and George were homers, but I don't think they were this bad. 


  1. They are horrible. remember Harry Carey when he worked for the Cardinals in '68? He was just as bad.
    As I have tickets to the game tomorrow, I will do my own play by play!!

  2. (On behalf of brother Domzal)
    the guys here, doing the white sox broadcasts headed by ken hawk harrelson, were recently voted thee most ‘homer’ broadcast team in baseball. smoltz, darling Johnson got nothin’ on these guys. you wouldn’t believe it unless you heard them live. we need to smoltz them tomorrow night I tell ya. . a nice 4-1 win suits me fine. come on justin! keep that idiot malverde in the pen. how can smoky think this specimen would come out of it in three days. he is not on, they are teeing off on him, and his confidence has left the building. too bad. but, as I have said all season long, he’s a heart attack waiting to happen. the heart attack is felt by the fans. I saw him give up that first hit the other night with a 4 run lead. I am not kidding. I turned the game off. right at that point. I could not bear watching that idiot unravel. smyly, coke, no tell dotel, anybody but malverde. yet jimmy thinks different. unreal. we need a good 8 out of verlander. and as we know, 4 run leads aren’t enough. these Yankees aren’t done quite yet. but, again, no jeter, a rods head somewhere else, cannot er I mean can oh struggling. I would love to see miggy rip a few out of the park, with several runners on base.hes due I think. fielder is having a pretty good playoff run I think. some untimely double plays hit into, but, I still would not want to face him. I love the guy to be honest. a shame his dad cannot share this time with his son. there had to be some very bad things that went on that we don’t know about. go tiges. spank these Yankees. I cannot take this biased talk either. all I heard for the past two days is how the Yankees are struggling. yea there struggling. the tigers pitching has been incredible, except for the head case. home croud may benefit our boys. sure hope so.

  3. Actually, I think Harrelson and Steve Stone are two of the best.

    Yeah, they're homers, but hey, WGN is kind of a home-town station-they're allowed.

    The difference is that Harrelson and Stone make interesting, intelligent comments about the play, using their knowledge as former players.

    That's stuff us arm-chair managers don't know.

  4. Jeff Daniels agrees. He tweeted:

    Watching TBS Pregame: Wake me when the mourning for Jeter, Mariano Rivera, and the dissection of the new Batting Order is over. Go Tigers.

  5. and it kept up in Game 3, with Smolz repeatedly saying "he doesn't have his best stuff."
    At first I thought he was kidding. But he kept repeating it. "See, he's leaving it out over the plate."
    Just the other day Jack Morris said JV should let the other team hit the ball more, quit going for K's. Maybe Verlander listened.
    It might have been less than Verlander's best stuff, but most starters, managers and fans would give their left pinky for a three-hit 8 2/3 inning gem like that.