Tigers Acquire Josh Anderson to....?

get a really quality outfield in Triple A?

They bring in 26 year old Josh Anderson, said to be "speedy" for what purpose? Who gets to go down to Triple A? Who gets to spend more time on the bench?

As it is the Tigers have said they plan to take 12 pitchers north, with 10 regulars, a backup catcher and a backup infielder. That would leave room for Anderson or Thames. Or Clevlen. Or Raeburn or Larish or Hessman or Perez.

Too bad we can't have a quick poll: if you were manager, what would your 35-man roster be? (But you can comment below.)

So many decisions, so little time.


  1. Did they create a little space by releasing Sheffield? Lots of potential, but sooo little production. Should they keep thames?

  2. I am glad Sheff is gone. Shame that all of that money is going to waste - especially when you look at Willis and his anxiety disorder. I wonder if Dombrowski's future is in jeapordy. Make Thames DH - Anderson is late inning fill in for any outfield position. Or put Guillen at DH and Thamesin left field - let's find out what Thames is worth as a full time player.

  3. Find playing time for Larrish. I like his left-handed power.