So how do we rebuild the Tigers?

The first question, I guess is, do they need rebuilding, or just a little tweaking? They were close this year, just kind of went into a slumber in the last month.

Is Ordonez hot streak the last week or two at the end of the season a reason to keep him? It would be expensive to dump him, but might be more expensive to keep him. (I, for one, am a lousy manager. I had my staff come to me once and tell me I had to fire one of their coworkers. "She has really goofed anything up," was my defense of her. "She takes up oxygen." they said. If the situation with Mags is that his negativity is polluting the team, he's got to go. (My little bundle of joy was gone the next day, BTW.)

We might get something good for Cabrera. He's young, very talented. He just has a very bad work ethic if partying down with his pals the night before a big game, and beating up his wife that morning are his ideas of game prep.

I think talk of trading Granderson is foolish. You don't sell when your stock is down. He just had a bad year. He's a fine man, by all means keep him. The same with Verlander and Porcello.

So what's the strategy boys? Build a pitching staff? Go out and buy more bats? Just hunker down and hope things improve in 2010?


  1. Tigers have some hefty contracts (Ordonez, Bonderman, Willis, etc.) so they may need to cut payroll. I'd like to see 'em resign Polanco, but not for a long-term deal at his age. I say keep Cabrera and assume last season's drinking episode won't happen again. I'd let Rodney and Lyon walk as free agents. I like Jackson but I'd trade him if some team made an attractive offer. Keep Granderson, Porcello and Verlander. Make Guillen the DH. FIRE LEYLAND if the team gets off to a slow start.

  2. Cabrera scares me, but his ability is phenonmenal. I say keep him, but if he screws up again -- suspend him without pay. Polanco year by year is good. Ordonez did perform the second half of the season so let him play for $18 million. Jackson tapered off and I heard rumors abouthis partying - maybe we could get somebody good for him.
    When Leyland goes is Kirk Gibson ready??
    Is JJ Putz healthy and is he available?

  3. I always worry about pitching. I think Jackson is expendable. Will Zumaya come back? What about Bonderman's injury? Nate Robertson? Jair Jurgens - what a shame. Porcello and Verlander you can nout on, but after that who knows?
    I hope Cabrera has his act together.
    I agree with Tom about keeping Polanco.
    Will Inge rebound after his surgery.
    What is Avilla's future?
    Is Rayburn ready to play every day?
    Any phenoms on the 40 man roster?
    Any good free agents out there?
    Can Dumbrowski make the right moves?

  4. Reliever Robbie Weinhardt looked great last season i Lakeland and did well in the AZ fall league. He may have a chance to assume a bullpen position. I'd say not to count on Zumaya, Bonderman, Robertson or Willis.

    Free agents include OF Jermaine Dye, who has killed Tiger pitching, Hideki Matsui, SS Orlando Cabrera, etc.