Our MVP Most Valuable Poster 2009 - Piotrowski

Not only is he one of our few actual remaining residents of the Detroit area, and a season ticket holder, Chuck is always ready to provide a thoughtful comment, start a discussion or provoke a thought.

Chuck was one of the finest barkeeps I've ever had the pleasure of chilling my mug (I mean that in only the best way) and I just wish I could patronize his Burger establishment. I mean hey, if it's good enough for Denny McLain...

(That's Chuck on the right, Willie Horton on the left.)


  1. aw shucks ..
    Hey Gregg do you ever get back to Detroit?
    would be great to see you --
    also Tom, who I have never met or possibly did 40 years ago
    can't remember when I saw Bouie last either.

  2. Chuck I attended SHS High School (class of '72) so I assume we crossed paths at Chicago & Linwood.