Just as we were beginning to worry about Verlander...

Our boy comes through big time with a gem. Tigers are beginning to stretch it out. This is getting fun.
But now the constant worrier in me hears another rumor. Nobody expected Cabrera to keep his torrid pace from the beginning of the season. But according to another Tiger blog (http://www.detroittigersweblog.com/) Cabrera could be nursing some kind of wrist injury. With Guillen and Granderson also ailing, he's just toughing it out to help out where he can.
I don't get to watch the Tigers on TV much. And I hate this blogger's ridiculous over use of statistical analysis, but what do you guys think?


  1. Toughing it out, eh? Well he's leading the league in hitting. Scary to think what he'll do when he's healthy.

    Yeah 'tis great to see the Togers playing well. For the most part the startng pitching has performed well. Galaragga is 3-0, and Jackson could be w/ more run support.

    Go get 'em, Tigers!

  2. By "toughing it out" I mean coming down from his astronomical .600 start to his current .380. Monday night he struck out twice, going one for three.
    Like I said, I'm a worrier.

  3. As they say in Ireland, "Cheer up. It gets worse."

  4. There may be at least some truth to the wrist injury rumor. Cabrera was hit the wrist by a pitch the other night.