Tigers Used to Have a "Fireman"

Well, maybe today's version of the Tigers lacks a true "fireman", but a century ago Tiger ace "Wild Bill" Donovan barnstormed into Fort Worth, and found half the city ablaze.
Donovan led the Tigers and the Fort Worth Cats manning the hoses and putting out the blaze.
The Tigers were barnstorming their way across Texas for spring training, playing in Dallas the day before, but the Fort Worth game had to be cancelled due to the fire.
(BTW-The Tigers went on to a 96-56 record, winning the American League pennant that year.
Donovan went on to be one of the premier pitchers in baseball, starting 323 games as a Tiger, and pitching a total of 3,000 innings with a 2.84 ERA. He was also a great manager in his own right, tutoring a young prospect inthe Providence, R.I. pitching staff: Babe Ruth.)

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