It's that time guys, make your predictions, and make them large!

Don't just tag a comment on to me, make your own bold posting and prognostication! Use Pictures, statistics, whatever.
I think the Tigers will do only slightly better than last year. It was a fluke for them to come in dead last, they just weren't that bad.
But when they hit, their pitching failed, and vice versa. The key players slid in performance, and they really did not help themselves.
This year I predict that some key players, Verlander, Cabrera, will be better than ever. A few guys will get seriously hurt, as always happens, unless they are incredibly lucky.
They just have not markedly improved the bullpen or the bottom of the rotation, and that will spell their doom.
I put them at four games below .500 in fourth place.


  1. OUCH - So negative. I believe that they will qualify for the playoffs as a Wild Card. Sure there will be injuries, but not as bad as last year. I believe that Granderson will also have a banner year. Now that Inge is back at third - he will have a great season (5 homeruns in Spring training). Pitching - it always comes down to pitching - I hope that they are not rushing Porcello and Perry - I hope that they shine.
    "Go Get 'Em Tigers"

  2. I feel that the Detroit Tigers will have a strong year and will be the surprise of the American League! They will win the American League Central. They will have strong contributions from Rick Porcello and Ryan Perry. I believe Perry will emerge as the shut down closer that they have been seeking for years.

  3. Hope springs eternal, and I join Miggy in predicting the Tigers will win the AL Central.

  4. Well boys, I predicted four games under .500.

    Two games into the season andI'm halfway there. (and that was the good half of the starting rotation.)

    Damn, I hate beeing right.

  5. Don't blame the starter for loss #2. Jackson pithed a great game but the bullpen blew the lead.

  6. I am avilable to pitch the ninth inning at Friday's opener, if need be. I can't do any worse that Lyons

  7. It's Lyon not Lyons. At least we have only one of him.

  8. Gregg - remember, fast sprinting horses don't always last. Nor do two games make a season. I am almost glad that I can't get the games (unless I subscribe to, because I am not sure what team will show. My heart tells me first, but my brain is telling me just barely over .500