Big Wheel Keeps on Rolling...

Tigers keep on going...

Several little thoughts yesterday as I watched our boyz pummel the Sox (God bless WGN.)
  • Galarraga just seems to get better and better, doesn't he? And where did we get that bullpen? Are these the same guys from last year?

  • While watching the game against the Rangers recently, they brought up the fact that over the last three or four years Polanco has had one of the best averages in the majors. I'm not the sharpest knife in the drawer, but as I watch him in the last few series, I can see how valuable he is.

  • Interesting to listen to hometown broadcasters when it's not your hometown. Hawk Harrelson and his side kick Steve Something (sorry Steve) really do a pretty good job of analysis, giving credit when it's due, criticism when deserved. In closing out yesterday's blow out, they said, "Well, it was a pitchers' duel for the first four or five innings, and then only one pitcher kept dueling..." They even called a balk on the White Sox pitcher when the ump didn't. Harrelson is so full of baseball wisdom and knowledge, it's almost frustrating that he so often says, "remind me to tell you about (fill in the topic) after our next break." Well, of course after the break they have more good stuff for you. Contrast them to the Rangers goofball, Josh Lewin (who they picked up from the Tigers in 2001.) I'm not sure the guy knows anything about baseball, and is constantly doing thinly veiled ticket promotions for the club, selling stuff and not adding much real depth to the broadcast, other than asking partner Tom Grieve what it's like to wear a major league uniform. The other day he asked Grieve the piercing question, "So, did you ever hit your head on the dug out roof at Tiger Stadium?" Wow, I needed to know that. Finally, and this is an admittedly cheap shot, the guy looks bug-eyed half the time, like he's downed a gallon of Red Bull. I know it's your job to be "peppy", but calm down, guy.
  • I hope it's just a little, short early-season slump, but what's going on with Maggs? No HR's, only four RBI's and a .273 average would be OK for somebody lower in the lineup, but not our star. Bring it on, dude.

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  1. I lived in central Illinois from
    '91 to '98 and used to catch a lot of Sox games on WGN. At the time Hawk Harrelson partnered w/ Michigan native Tom Paciorek. They made for some entertaining and informative broadcasts.