Tigers roll in home opener, 15-2

Just attended my 23rd consecutive home opener, and I haven't seen the Tigers' bats this hot on Opening Day since they pounded Oakland 20-4 at Tiger Stadium in 1993 (geez, has it been 16 years?!?). They scored nine runs with two outs today -- a great sign. Cabrera is an absolute machine; he is so locked in. And Galarraga gave the pitching staff a great lift. All is well in Tigertown -- for today, at least!

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  1. I too was in attendance, but porbably did not have as good of seats as Jeff. Cabrera was awesome 6 total ribbies. Inge made a diving catch early in the game that has to be on ESPN's top 10 plays. Gallarraga was awesome. I walked in the park as the gates opened - it was good to be home. Congrats to Mike illitch on one of the classiest moves of all time. Even though somebody bid $1 million plus to sponsor the centerfield waterfall, Mr. I is dedicating it to the Big Three auto companines as a tremendous show of support. I ate a cheese pizza today in his honor.