Don't look now but Tigers in first place in Central!

I know it's only been seven games. But lets go back to last year and what the Tiger's record was through seven games, it was 0-7. I will take 4-3 and be extatic about that. I like the way this team is playing more than the actual record. Even when the Tigers have lost they fight and claw the whole game. It reminds me a lot of 2006 when every player to a man would talk about playing a full 27 outs. I love that mentality. I think the Tigers have way better chemistry this season than the last two combined. There was no better example of this than when Brandon Lyon blew the game in Toronto after Edwin Jackson had pitched an absolute gem and the first person to console Lyon was Jackson. Team chemistry is very underrated. And todays win against Texas clawing back with 6 runs in the eighth showed a lot of charachter. And how about that bullpen, pitching 21 straight scoreless innings. Fernando Rodney looks great he is 2 for 2 in save situations and he actually looks focussed. Well lets see how they do against the Sox this week. Go Tigers!

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  1. I'm not sure that chemistry = winning baseball, there were some pretty turbulent Yankee and Athletic teams that were winners. But I too sure like what I'm seeing from the Tigers. I said I didn't expect much from these guys; if these is eating crow, I'll have another helping, please!