"Look out Cabby"

"Look out Cabby" was Tiger color commentator Rod Allen's response to Miguel Cabrera's second home run last night. My girl friend said I should use that line as the title to my new post on the blog. I have to admit I thought it was a cool idea. I don't know if you guys could tell but Cabrera is my favorite player and he has come out of the shoot this year like a man possessed. He is seven for ten in the first three games. He looks a lot more relaxed at the plate and at first base. I think I am going to start campaigning early for Cabreara for MVP. Although I would trade that trophy for the pennant.


  1. ANd thanks to Miggy's 2 HRs --and a bullpen that actually held a lead -- the Tigers got their first win of the season last nite.

    Porcello takes the mound today for his first major league start.

    Go get 'em, Tigers!

  2. Brandon Inge homered for the third straight game. He’s the first Tiger ever to homer in each of the first three games of the season, according to home-run historian David Vincent.