Secret Guilty Pleasures

I'm too broke to subscribe to MLB TV.

I miss watching Tiger games so much, sometimes I sit by my computer, "watching" the box score, pitch by pitch. Reminds me of the stories of the old days when broadcasters would get teletypes from out of town, start the broadcast of the game and hour after the real start, and recreate it, complete with sound effects of the crowd and the crack of the bat.

I could do that for a living. But I was born too late.

"...smash hit to the left field line...." better be careful how I say that one.


  1. withthe picture of the microphone and your comments about old broadcasters - I immediately thought about Ernie Harwell and his poem he would recite during the first broadcast.

    I think Mario and Rod do a great job on Fox -- I will miss today's broadcast cause it is at 12 noon - have to wish Procello well.

  2. For, lo, the winter is past,
    The rain is over and gone;
    The flowers appear on the earth;
    The time of the singing of birds is come,
    And the voice of the turtle is heard in our land.

    -- E. Harwell